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"Lori Love Rings - Side Stone Color Choices"

Bicone Swarovski Crystal Colors that I have available for the side designs on my Lori Love Rings. If you want to customize your own ring pick out your side stone colors and your main stone color. Email me and Ill create your Lori Love Ring and have it on its way to you in three short days. I cant wait to share these lovely rings with all of you. There are two band choices also Regular band and a Fancy Band. Both are lovely and comfortable. On the bottom are links to the other blog pages for Finished Lori Love Rings & Main Stone Color Choices. Have Fun!

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amethyst ab

amethyst ab2x
light amethyst

light amethyst ab

light amethyst ab2x

antique pink


aquamarine ab

aquamarine ab2x

aquamarine brandy

astral pink
black diamond

black diamond ab

blue zircon

blue zircon ab

blue zircon ab2x

burgandy ab

burgandy ab2x
capri blue

capri blue ab

capri blue ab2x

chrysolite ab

chrysolite ab2x

chrysolite brandy

citrine ab


crystal ab

crystal ab2x

crystal brandy
crystal champagne
crystal copper

crystal ice

crystal mat

crystal satin
crystal silver night

crystal silver shade

crystal silver shade 2

crystal transmission
denim blue


emerald ab

emerald ab2x


fuchsia ab

fuchsia ab2x

golden shower
glacier blue


indian pink

indian pink ab
indian sapphire

indian sapphire ab

indiciolite ab

jet ab

jet ab2x

jet hematite

jet mat

jonquil ab

jonquil ab2x
luminious green

metallic blue

metallic silver


padparadscha ab

padparadscha ab2x


peridot ab

peridot ab2x

provence lavender

provence lavender ab

provence lavender ab2x (not avail yet)

purple haze

rose ab

rose ab2x

light rose

light rose ab

light rose ab2x

rose peach

ruby ab

ruby ab2x

sapphire ab

sapphire ab2x
light sapphire

light sapphire ab

light sapphire abx2

shadow crystal

siam ab

siam ab2x
light siam

light siam ab

light siam ab2x

smoked topaz

smoked topaz ab

smoked topaz ab2x
light smoked topaz

light smoked topaz ab 

light colorado topaz ab2x

sun ab

sun ab2x


sunflower ab

sunflower ab2x

tanzanite ab

tanzanite ab2x


topaz ab

topaz ab2x

topaz blend

violet ab

violet ab2x

vitrail light

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I do have a many other colors but these match best with the stones I have I will update this as I find stones that match well with the center stones. I will be getting opal swarovski crystals in shortly if you want an opal color. I do also have pearls in every color if you prefer pearls with your crystals they are lovey that way also. I will make your ring however you want it to be.

Ring Swarovski Crystal Color Stone choices 14mm Dime size Stones: http://www.kimisjewelryandgifts.blogspot.com/2012/07/lori-love-swarovski-14-mm-crystal-main.html

Ring Swarovski Crystal Color Choices 12mm Stones & Different Shaped Swarovski Crystals:

Finished Rings that are For Sale or Examples:

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So check out all the fun choices and contact me anytime. I would love to create for you. They are amazing quality and top of the line stones and wire. They will last you a lifetime and several generations. Come check our my "Lori Love Rings"
Email me with any questions or concerns?

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