Monday, July 16, 2012

"Lori Love Rings" Smaller Stones Available

" Lori Love Rings"- Stones 10mm or smaller for smaller Rings

I have had several ask for smaller stones. I do have many, I use them in my barrettes and pendants. I love incorporating Vintage or Swarovski Stones in my clay creations. So I will list them here for the rings for those of you that love a smaller stone. I will add to the list as I get more. But I have quite a selection and probably wont get other colors unless I sell alot of these. If there is a specific stone color you like please ask. I may have it or will try and hunt for it.  Hope you find something you like. I will be making a different style ring that has lots of other beads on it with smaller stones soon. Im waiting on a certain setting the ring requires and it will not be here until August 2012. All of these stones can be used with any of my band styles and they look very nice. I will show examples if asked.

These are 10mm Stones- All Genuine Rare Swarovski Crystals From Austria they come in Sterling silver settings direct from Swarovski.  Many are hard to find. Some I purchased the last quantity of them. If you see something you like please let me know. Ill be happy to create the ring of your choice. 10mm = just under 1/4 of a 1/2 inch.

10mm Volcano F Rivoil Swarovski Crystal

10mm Aqua Shimmer F Swarovski Crystal

10mm Black Diamond Gf Swarovski Crystal

10mm Aquamarinie Swarovski Crystal

10mm Vitrial Light F Swarovski Crystal

10mm Blue Zircon Gf Swarovski Crystal

10mm Fuchsia F Swarovski Crystal

10mm Heliotrope Gf Swarovski Crystal

10mm Capri Blue Swarovski Crystal

10mm Kaleidoscope Rainbow Swarovski Crystal

10mm Luminious Green Swarovski Crystal

10mm Orange Blossum F Swarovski Crystal

10mm Provence Lavender F Swarovski Crystal

10mm Rose Gf Swarovski Crystal

10mm Vitrial Medium Gf Swarovski Crystal

This size stone comes in many colors from Swarovski. Not as many as the larger stones but several. Please email me if you would like a color that is not listed here but is listed in the larger stones. I will check availability and get right back with you. Most of the shimmer colors are only for the larger stones but there are a few done in the smaller sizes. Please ask I will be happy to find out and make the ring in any colors you choose. This is a nice size for anyones hand. I have sold this size to a 6 year old and it fit nicely. I made her ring adjustable. Ive sold this size also to an adult and it looks very nice and is not to small or big. Just right. All my stones are lovely and truly are not as big as they look. Every stone I sell is under a half inch. Unless you are purchasing a custom ordered stone. I can get them all the way up to 32mm. I do have two rings sold that are 18mm stones and they are large but still lovely rings and even looked nice on my hand and I wear a size 7. If you want to see a stone against the size of a coin please ask ill take one and show you.

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