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PCAGOE July Challenge - 7000 Bracelets for Hope - My "Cha Cha for Hope" Bracelet Entry

Proud member of the PCAGOE Team on Etsy
We have a great Facebook page with lots of amazing talented Artists. This is the first time I was well enought to enter the challenge. I made one piece and love it but didnt like the way it photographed a flower that looked like a fish. UM NO. So I started over and really like my Bracelet.  Being Disabled myself makes me really enjoy creating for a charity for a disabled person or charity.

This month the August Challenge is for Charity "The Global Genes Project"
7000 Bracelets for Hope

To view all the great entrys click on the link below:

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To find the charity page and read more Information about this great group:

Click here to locate "The Global Jeans Project"

On their site there are spots to buy bracelets that others have donated. A form to fill out for you or for any group your in to donate bracelets. Photos and links to all of their sponsors. Stop by there donate a bracelet or buy a bracelet to help their Cause.

About the Program
Cause bracelets have been available for breast cancer and heart disease but there has never been a unifying symbol, color or bracelet that represents the rare and genetic disease community. That’s why we started the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope™ campaign. Since launching the campaign in 2010, Global Genes has received thousands of unique blue themed bracelet designs made from everything from cut strips of recycled denim to vintage blue glass to turquoise stones. The creativity from our volunteers is truly inspiring!!!

This sure did inspire me I hope it has inspired you.

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My July PCAGOE Charity Challenge Piece

I called it " Cha Cha for Hope"

I love Cha Cha bracelets. So I thought I would create one for this event. There are over 70 beads on my bracelet, Most made with Polymer clay, Some Swarovski Pearls.  Description : very full bracelet with lots of dangles of delightful beads and colorful charms.

Close up of my beads. I made the round beads with a skinner blend of blues from darks to lights of premo blue clays. Then made a ghose cane of white glitter and transparent premo clay and added a layer over the blues and swirled it. Once baked they look really cool. One of a kind beads. I added a white pearl to the top & bottom and added them to the bracelet. I wanted it full. I always thing of flowers when I think of happy things, flowers mean new life and new beginnings to me. So I created Polymer clay flowers: I made little flower beads in a blue mix of glitter and pearlized premo clay and added light blue accents to he centers of the flowers. Baked then put a swarovski pearl in the center and on the back and added them to the silver bracelet. I wanted more blue to fill in. Since the bracelets that they wear for this charity are blue. So I made some light pearlized blue pearls and darker blue clay pearls. I mixed them together with white and a dark and light blue swarovski crystal Pearls. I made a group of 6 pearls some clay some swarovski to go inbetween each clay flower and larger clay bead. So its a full Cha Cha Bracelet. I love it.

Lots of dangles for Hope

Side view of flowers and beads. This was such a fun project

Cha Cha for Hope

I added a pretty silver flower lobster clasp, a charm that says Hope & a Made with love charm to the end. This piece was made with lots of love and hope for finding a cure for this cause.

Bracelet open It extends to a size 8 wrist. But you can clasp it anywhere on the bracelet on any open link. There are not alot of open links since I had fun making it a full authentic Cha Cha Bracelet. But it can be worn from a size 5 up to an 8 comfortable. As long as you love dangles and it is actually very light. (my secret, inside all my beads I use the white Sculpey light- the beads actually float they are so light- works great for a project your going to add alot too- almost weightless).

Thanks for stopping by and to find out more about this Charity stop by their page. It has so much wonderful informaiton and photos. It is a great cause and there are so many that suffer. It only takes a little to help alot. Or donate a blue bracelet. Im donating three.

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Ugh I cant believe Im even sharing photos of my first attempt. Its gorgeous in person it really is. The details look real. But it photographed and looks like a fish with way to many fins. LOL

My Blue with purple accent Iris Bracelet.  I have not decided if Im donating it or not. It does not really fit the mold for what they usually have. I did not know all the rules and or all about the cause while I was making it. I just heard blue and I love flowers so I went to work. :)  So If I do send it Ill be sending 4 bracelets. Not sure. I have to submit photos for their approval. So we will see. You can laugh I did. Laughing at yourself is healthy. LOL. I do alot of airhead things, So I laugh alot.

My supplies for the Challenge
My Premo & Sculpey Clays:
pro Kempter tool:
My Cforiginal Tools:
Sterling Silver Filigree cuff Bracelet
some yellow stamen
Resin & Fimo Glaze

Fishy swiming up stream

Fish turning to come towards you

Fishy got turned around and is confused and giving you the confused 4 eyed look.

Oh no fishy is going away. Bye Bye fishy

That was fun and it truly is lovely all kidding aside. I would wear it with anything blue. But for some reason my camera and it did not like each other. Until next time......

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On that note I wish you a wonderful evening or day wherever you are in the world. Dont forget to donate to your local charitys and support those that need it.

Thank you as always for stopping by to vist me and supporting Handmade.

Blessings and Love

Kimberly Idalski from Kimi's Jewelry & Gifts

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Well Im off to finish up another Bracelet for this Charity for another Challenge stop by in a few days to see that entry. Totally different. They use a picasso painting as their inspiration. A circus acrobat with diamond checked cloths. Hmm what to make. Almost finished actually. :)

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