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FREE - Golden Glass & Clay Cabochon Tutorial

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     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

* Materials & Tool List:
Pasta Machine
Gold Glitter
Black Glitter
Tear Drop Cutter
Clay Blade
Pro Kemper Tool
2 oz Premo Black Clay # 5042
2 oz Premo Gold Clay # 5303
1 x 3/4 " glass oval Cabochon
Swarovski Crystal Elements 18pp
Bail or Pin Back
Acrylic Roller

Pearls or other stones for decorations instead of crystals
Micro Beads
Sculpey Bake & Bond
Sculpey Glaze

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°
     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #2
~ Cut 1/4 of the Premo Gold Package and condition it as normal
~ Cut 1/8 of the Premo Black Package and condition it as normal
~ Shape both into pearl drops and flatten together as shown in the photo
~ Using an acrylic roler flatten our the two tear drops so that they fit nicely into the largest setting on the pasta machine.
~ Once it is flattened it is ready for the next step.
~ This skinner blend it called a Tear Drop Skinner Blend: I learned this from a tutorial by Cindy Leitz Volume 35 of her tutorials : . I love the way this makes your skinner blends. It is a tutorial worth purchasing. As many of hers are.

      °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°


Step #3
~ Making our Skinner Blend
~ Turn the pasta machine on the largest setting.
~ Put your flattened two color blend in the machine.
~ I like to hold my hand on the open side of the blend so that it does not become odd shaped. So while it runs through I just hold a 
   few fingers on the open end to keep it in shape and going through the pasta machine straight.
~ When it rolls out of the pasta machine fold it in half from tip to tip keeping it as straight as possible, I keep folding it the same way
   every time it comes through.  I put mine through 18 times until I liked the blend of Black and Gold for my project. You may want
   blend yours a little more or less.  It will look great any way you choose to blend it. Skinner blends are always pretty.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #4

~ Lay the skinner blend flat and set it aside until it is needed

~ This is a photo of my blend after it has been through the pasta machine 18 times. You can see the light to dark golden shades

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°             

 Step #5
~ Now its time to make the base of your pendant or pin
~ Cut 1/8 of the 2 oz Premo Black clay and condition it as normal
~ Roll it into a ball then sofly flatten it onto your work area and shape into an oval
~ Your black oval shape should be approximatly 1" wide by 1 1/2 " long
~ You can flatten it lightly with the acrylic roller if needed.  It is ok to have finger prints they will be covered up. When you use your thumb you tend to leave less of a print.
~  At this step you will need to have your glass Cabochon available, it will need to be 3/4 " wide by 1" long beveled glass or a rounded glass is fine. ( I will give you a link to purchase these at the bottom of the tutorial).

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°


Step #6

~ At this point choose your glitter colors and lay your Black clay oval and glass Cabochon next to each other for the next step.

~ I Chose Gold and Black fine grain glitters.

~ Optional : Different grain glitters, sequins, crystal elements, Or using texture make a texture impression in the center only.

~ I will be selling an advanced tutorial that shows how to make canes, use digital transfers other mediums to change it up.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #7

~ Take the glass Cabachon and center it in the black oval. Lightly push straight down enough to make a slight indention

in the black base. Then remove the Glass Cabachon and set it aside. Now your ready for the next step

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #8

~ Sprinkle your glitter colors in any combination that you like. I sprinkled a couple layers of each color, its hard to

see the black but it is there. It is ok if you get a little on the sides or on the whole base. It will be covered with petals.

~ Optional: you can sprinkle thin sprinkles of glitter on the whole base. Just use your finger and lightly press the

glitter sprinkles on if you adding to the area outside the indented oval. And be sure to glaze your project so

that the glitter doesnt fall off or get scratched off in time

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 9

~ Place the glass Cabachon back into the indented area and press down approxamiatley half way so that the black curls

up around the glass Cabochon nicely as shown. If you have to much clay that comes up. that is ok. Just use your finger

to press it around the glass nicely so that it looks similar to this. It will be covered up with petals and details

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #10

~ Now you have your Cabochon ready to decorate. Cut a thin strip of your mixed clay and make a long snake by rolling it on

your work space. Your snake will need to be approximatly 2 1/2 inches long 1-2mm thick. It is ok to twist it to give more

detail if you like or slice two different areas of the clay and twist them together for more color.

~ Starging at the bottom center of the Cabachon, use your fingers lightly lay the snake around the inside edge of the Cabochon

and wrap it around and end it at the bottom again connecting the two ends. Cut off the excess with your clay blade. It will

be covered with petals so do not worry about the closure of the two snakes. Just tuck them together nicely. DO NOT PRESS

THE SNAKE DOWN FLAT . You want it to have definition and detail. So leave it full and thick.

~ If you had excess black clay around the center this is a good way to cover up any imperfections or if you had to remove clay

this will cover up any little spots you had to remove. If you need to make a thicker snake to cover it up that will be fine too.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 11

~ Using the small tear drop cutter from your Premo Mini Metal Cutters cut out multiple petals from different areas on

your skinner blend clay. The idea is to have various shades of golden and black throughout the flowers, it makes a

really nice contrast when finished. Its ok to cut them one at a time as you need them too. I just cut various petals to

start with. I ended up needing 8 total for my project.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°            

Step #12

~ Take each tear drop and with your thumb and pointer finger pinch the pointed end of the tear drop together to

make a petal. Twist and remove the tail. Set all the tails aside and save them. You will be using them later on in

the tutorial. Once you have all your petal shapes made set them aside for the nest step.

~ OPTIONAL : now would be a chance for you to put detail into your petals if you choose to. A line down the

center or a tiny pinched pint at the top of the petal. Any detail you choose. Make it your own it will look great

any way you choose to shape it

      °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #13
~ Now its time to start adding some Decorations to our Cabachon. Lets start with Flower Petals.
~ Start adding one petal right where you attached the snake around the bottom of the Cabochon like shown n the photo. Were going to build a half flower at the bottom of the base of the Cabochon.

       °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #14

~ Remember to add differemt color petals for a good color scheme. Continue to add petals next to each other you can

attach them lightly once you have them in place with your silver pointed tip tool or pro kemper tool. I only wanted

a half flower on the bottom so only add three petals here.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #15

~ Choose petals with different shades for the flower on top of the Cabochon.

~ Follwing the same steps as in 13-14 add a full flower approximatly 5 petals depending on your size of petals.

~ Once you have the petals in place attach them by lightly pressing down in the center of the Petals with your tool to

leave a small but light indention in the clay. You do not want to press to hard. Just enough to connect it. It will

bake permanently to the black base.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 16

~ Now its time to use all the excess ends from the petals you pinched off.

~ Pick a few different colored scraps and roll them out into snakes about 1/2mm thick.

~ Then twist two of the clay snakes to make a pretty muliti gold colored snake, make two twisted snakes for the

next step. Set aside the rest of the single clay snakes.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 17

~ For the next step were going to attach one of the snakes to the right side of the Cabochon. Using your needle

tool or pro kemper tool lightly lift up one of the petals and With the point of the tool tuck the twisted clay

under the petal. Lightly pressing down with the point of the tool to attach it under the petals. Do not press

to hard. It will attach once it is baked.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #18

~ Once you have attached one end of your twisted clay you want to lay it on the side of the Cabachon to add a

little design. I \made a swirl on the black clay then over the top of the center Cabachon. It is ok to swirl it on

the top of the glass. It gives pretty definition and design. It will bake to the glass but if you want at this point

you can add a light drop of Sculpey Bake & Bond just under where the twisted clay where it touches the glass.

You wont need much at all. Just a pin tip dot of Bake and Bond. I didnt use any but some like to use a bonding

agent when using clay and glass. After twisting and making loops or whatever you like tuck the end of the

the snake under another petal on the bottom of the Cabochon. Pressing lightly with the tip of the Tool to attach

it. It will stay permanent once it is baked.

       °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 19

~ Turn your Cabochon and repeat steps #17 & #18

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 20

~ This is a just a view of the Cabochon with the twisted clay on the glass. You can put the twisted clay in any

design or loops, you want it to have a little swirl here and there to give it some detail and definithion.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #21

~ With your blade cut off small pieces of clay from different color of your clay snakes. Approximatly 1-2 mm

little balls or pear shapes. Set aside all excess clay

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 22

~ Once you form the tear drop attach it to the tool as shown. Lay it down at this angle on the base so you do not

flatten the whole petal when you put it in place. You only neet to attach the front part of the petal or the pointed

part of the petal.             

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step #23

~ Using you tool now you are going to add the tiny little petals to the Cabochon.

~ With your tool of choice place the tool onto the ball as shown in Step #22 and place the petals along the

twisted clay. It will make it lool like little leaves or flower petals. Lightly attaching them just under the

twisted clay by pressing lightly at the pointed end of the tiny petals. When you press down only along

the center and the tip it will make it look more like a flower petal.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°


Step #24

~ Now we want to add some little flower petals to the centers of the flowers. With your tool of choice attach

three little petals to the center of the bottom flower on the Cabochon. When you place them you want to place

the tiny petals between each petal. Lightly applying them like some of the other petals. Do not press to hard.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 25

~ Turn your Cabochon and add tiny petals to the top flower center. You will have 5 tiny petals on this flower.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 26
~ Turn your Cabochon around and add some small petal leaf details to the other side. You can add as many as you
want. The more detail the better and remember to use different color petals for more color on your piece. The multi
mix of golden black colors of your colors of choice will look really pretty once finished. That is one great think
about a skinner blend the lovely shade of colors and the changes that are in it. Makes for an interesting effect on
on any piece of work no matter what your making.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

Step # 27

~ Take a good look at your work from a top view and all sides. I did and decided to add a few more tiny

petals which is why I say to save all the scrap tails off the pinched petals. Just in case you want to add

a tiny detail here or there.

     °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°


Step # 28

~ Top view of pendant. Happy with it? I am. I love the shaded looks of the clay. But I want to of course add

some bling. This girl loves bling. Swarovski Crystals are my best friend. I added two 24pp swarovski

crystal elements foil back crystals in topaz to the centers of both flowers.

~ Optional: feel free to add more crystals to the black part of the base on the sides for more detail or bling or

another fun option is micro beads. I didnt have any that matched but I have some on order. Micro beads

are tiny but they give lots of amazing detail. My next project will have those in there and I will share on

where to get them and how to use them.

~ Bake your Clay Cabochon by your clay choice's manufactures directions on the side of the package.




way on a few gorgeous projects. When the clay crack is under the running cold water massage the area

and press the crack together with your fingers. If you do it right away while it is hot it should seal together

nicely. If not dont give up on your work. You can always add some bake and bond and a few more petals

to the cracked area AND rebake.

                                                               °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°






                                                                 °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°



                                                                 °º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°°º♥º°¨¨ º°

If you have any questions Please feel free to email me or message me on here by posting your questions. I will help or give

tips in any way that I can. If you want to try a different clay and are not sure on curing time or how to change up the mix.

Please feel free to ask. I would love to help. Hugs and Thanks for stopping by. Happy Creating & Keep stopping by. Hugs.

ܓƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Kimberly ܓƸӜƷ

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Glass Cabachons in Many sizes and shapes :


Sculpey Products: I prefer dickblicks customer service to polymerclayexpress. Faster and orders are accurate.

Premo Clay/Sculpey Clay: (best prices I have found)

Sculpey Essential Tool Kit :

Sculpey Acrylic Roller, 5-in-1 tool, Blades :

Sculpey Bake & Bond :


My choice of Glaze is Fimo Glaze: I cant find it anywhere on line except in the Uk. But I do buy it locally at Joann Fabrics and Im told that Michaels Carrys it. It takes a while to dry. But it is one glaze that has been tested by many artists in blog settings on all glazes and it doesnt discolor, drys clear, is not sticky as long as you let it dry 24 hours. Once it drys it really gives a nice finish and also makes your creations stronger. I have had many items over a year and they look brand new. While other waxes and or glazes are pealing or discolored. My opinon only. But I love it. :)


My new favorite tool set: Penni Jo's New Clay Tool kid is wonderful. Cant go wrong with this purchase. Her molds and customer service are amazing too.


Pasta Machine: I have two a Sculpey Pasta Machine and a Mankins both were purchased at Joann Fabrics.


Glitter was also purchased at Joann fabrics. I like the martha stewart glitter sets. Any glitter works fine.

Swarovski crystal elements can be purchased at firemountain or joann fabrics in many colors.