Saturday, January 26, 2013

JAN 2013 ABS ~ ArtBeadScene Monthly Challenge ~ My entry

JAN ABS 2013 Challenge
I have missed this group and challenge.

Black Peacocks with Japanese Persimmons
Jessie Arms Botke, 1940
Oil and Gold Leaf on Panel
32 x 40 inches
(Please note this art is copyrighted and is to be used only as inspiration.)

About the Art
This is representative of Botke's detailed, intricate style and her signature gold leaf technique, whereby thin sheets of gold are applied to the canvas or panel. Botke specialized in depicting birds such as peacocks, flamingos, geese and pelicans, often against an imaginary landscape or a background of exotic flowers and plants. As in many of her peacock images, the elaborate tail feathers of the black peacock take up a large portion of the canvas. In 1849, Botke wrote about her fascination with birds, “My interest in birds was not sentimental, it was always what sort of pattern they made.”

About the Artist
Born to English parents in Chicago in 1883, Jessie Arms Botke spent much of her free time as a child sketching and painting. At the age of fourteen, she took art classes at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. When she graduated from high school, she enrolled as a full-time student at the Institute. During her summer vacations she participated in intensive painting workshops in Michigan and Maine, which led to her first exhibition at the Art Institute's American Annual in 1904. After school, Botke worked in wall decoration and book illustration and refined her skills as a decorative artist. Inspired by an exhibition of friezes, decorations, and tapestries from Herter Looms of New York, Botke moved there in 1911 and immersed herself in the city's artistic climate. Several years later, she was employed at Herter Looms where she worked on tapestry design, painted panels and friezes, and began to specialize in painting birds.
In 1914, Jessie Hazel Arms met design artist Cornelius Botke in Chicago, and they married a year later. Together, the Botkes worked as artists in Chicago, San Francisco, and Carmel, CA, and they traveled often to New York City and Europe. They both worked on major art commissions and held their largest joint exhibition in 1942 at the Ebell Club, a conservative club for the advancement of women and culture. When Jessie's eyesight began to fail in 1961, she continued painting small watercolors until surgery and contact lenses restored her vision and she resumed painting full-time. A stroke in 1967 destroyed her ability to paint, and she died four years later at the age of 88.

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I love peacock feathers so this was a fun challenge.
I have been so sick and unable to create for months.
Except for very small things.
Last night I laid in bed thinking I cant miss out on this one.
I miss my clay and had an idea that was
floating around in my head and saying get up you can do it.
Sick or not, pain or not I was going to create!!!
I got to work and made a peacock polymer clay feather cane
I had this great filigree bead that was a peacock for a base
That I was going to actually make my daughter a necklace with
sometime in the future because she loves peacock feathers too.
So this was the perfect time and I love the way it turned out.
Creating filled my heart with joy.
I have not felt this good since November
Creating and Polymer have a healing hand at times.
I just hope that after a few days of rest now I can keep on creating
Here is my version of
Black Peacocks with Japanese Persimmons
Polymer clay canes created by me in the design of a peacock feather
I have made peacock feathers before but this one was a little different.
I used a razor knife and shaved the feathers so they have a real
feather feel around the edges just not as soft :) ..

Added the extra Peacock Feather eyes to the bottom row.
Found some sterling filigree circles that I attached to the bottom.
Gave it a unique look, not the normal peacock.

Sculpted the body from the wonderful polyform products

Peacock Pearl clay. Love that color

Added a swarovski Sapphire for eyes.

I don't waste so I used the extra clay to make swirled
polymer briolettes in the peacock feather colors
and clay briolettes in golden hues.

Beaded up a few strands of matte gold seed beads

Ugh I do not like seed beading. My shaky hands prefer to

toss them all over the floor instead of the string. lol

But I managed two accent colors, one matte and one clear.

Attached my briolettes.

Added a antique gold toggle clasp and a extra briolette to finish it off.
Baked up, buffed up and puffed up pretty as a peacock.
Hope you enjoyed him as much as I did creating him.
Hugs to all.
Be sure to check out everyone else that joined in.
I have not looked yet but I know they are probably amazing.
Here is the link : Artbeadscene Flicker Group

Special Note. Found out today Jan 31 that my
entry made front page of the blog tour.
Here is the link:
 Thank you ArtbeadScene for including me.
Im honored that you enjoyed my necklace.
Here is what they said
"Kim Idalski of Kimi's Jewelry (above) squeaked in at the last minute. We are so glad that she joined us, especially since she has not been feeling well. Being creative and with your friends is a great medicine, don't you think? I am very impressed that Kim made this intricate polymer clay peacock! It looks like it is articulated and has a great movement to it. So regal!"

Just a fun fact about the necklace. Every layer of feathers is connected
by jump rings so they all move. It flows and
has lots of movement. It was very fun to make. :)
Congrats to all the amazing artists that made the
blog tour. Gorgeous creations.
I will stop by every blog soon.
Hugs to all and happy creating.

Thank you for stopping by and supporing me
and Handmade Art
I miss my blogging and blogger followers
I have been very sick and just recovering
from another surgery and have two more
comeing up soon.
I will be creating to heal.
So if you need a custom order.
Im your girl. Nothing motivates me more
than a customer to create for.

I will be doing a giveaway this week.
Be sure to stop back. You have to participate to win.
It will be fun easy and painless I promise.

Thought for the day: Free yourself from those that bring you down,
Forgive them for they cannot forgive themselves. It will make your heart heal.
Create With Heart, Love, Color and Bling



A Half-Baked Notion said...

Hey Kim, I love making peacock canes too, so naturally I thought this would be the month I hopped back on board the ABS train. But no go, just not feeling inspired. So I'm really pleased you were able to sneak in with your sweet peacock assemblage. Even stuck in bed you rock, girl... hurry up and heal!

Maddy Nupp McDonald said...

Just wonderful Kimi!!! So beautiful, I love it! xoxoxo You're a wonderful artist, I just love your work, and you too!!