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Ring Stone Colors For "Lori Love Ring Collection"

Lori Love Ring Collection Part 1
Rivoli Swarovski Crystal Austrian Crysal Colors I have Available. Many more on the way. If you want a color please let me know. Many are limited and rare and I cannot purchase them again.  Once You pick your color a price will be determined. Some stones are less expensive than others so there will be a slight difference. I may just do one price for all. But Im still running all the figures on paper and trying to decide what is best.  Since every ring will have to be made to order Its hard to make a ring out of each color. Its a waste of wire and lots of time to create a ring that may not fit anyone. So I will be listing stone colors then List colors of side stones. You will have your choice. On each ring I will make a few suggestions on what stones look the best since I can see the stones up close. The photos do show all the colors very well but Every Swarovski Crystal Bicone that is used on the side is slightly different. So I will try my very best to match everything perfectly so you have the ring of your dreams. Because they will last you a lifetime. They will never tarnish. If they get out of shape since they are wire. you just have to lightly work them back into the shape you like with your fingers which is nice since everyones fingers are slightly different in size.  If you have a larger knuckle do to arthritis go up a half size. Otherwise the rings are true to size. Please note that these are custom made and are not returnable. That is why its important for you to get the proper size and choose the colors you like. If you choose colors you do not like to go with it I cant refund it. You can send it back to me and I can change them for a fee. It will be like rebuilding the ring. It is something that we can discuss if it happens. I want to share some of the amazing colors I have. I will continue to add to this list the next few days and then add a page for swarovski bicones. ( I have almost every color imaginable in bicones so you will have lots of fun picking). Like a kid in a candy store who doesnt love some bling and crystals. I know I do. I want one of each ring for myself. But I dont have enough
fingers and toes to make room for them. Besides my daughter would end up swiping them anyways :)

14 mm Rivolis & Chatons ( just a tiny bit smaller than dime size) Perfect size Big Bling Rings.

Summer Blush 14mm Rivoli

Aqua Glacier Blue 14mm Rivoli

Bermuda Blue 14mm Rivoli

Peridot Shimmer F Rivoli

Fuchsia F Rivoli

Rose Peach Shimmer Rivoli

Siam Rivoli ( red)

Violet Shimmer Rivoli

Crystal Ab F Rivoli

Rose Rivoli

Topaz Shimmer Rivoli

Ultra Hot Pink Rivoli

Water Lily f Rivoli
Aqua Shimmer Rivoli

Rose Shimmer Rivoli
Light Colorado Topaz F 14mm
Ultra Lime Ab Rivoli

Vitrial Light SF Rivoli
Silver Shade Rivoli (has amazing cuts and accents in it like a well cut diamond)

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These are the colors that I have available as of today. I have other colors that will be here shortly but for the most part this is my selection in the 14mm size which is the rings that I have posted lately. They are all 14mm which is slightly smaller than a dime.  I will be listing tomorrow the 12mm size colors that I have available in case you do not what a huge stone. Both really are nice sizes and fit well on anyones finger. If you have a favorite gem color and you dont see it above please email me or post and ask. I may have it on the way. If not I can try and find it for you. I would be happy to do that. If there is a special order for a ring color I do not have I will set up a reserved listing for that purchase in my Artfire shop for you. Since special orders for a color I dont have require 50% down. Once I have the new stone you will need to pay the remainder in full before I create the ring. All of the rings above if you choose to have one created it will be full price reserved listing on Artfire. Once Payment is made in full I will create it and ship it to you within 3 days. I cant wait to share all these gorgeous stones with everyone. I know you will be thrilled once you have your rings. My customers that have them already have not taken then off. I love mine and wear them constantly.  So contact me if you are interested. via email:

I will not be listing these for about 5-7 days for everyone to purchase. Im still working on the smaller stones and how to list them in 5 photos that the etsy site allows. Which is hard when you have so  many options. On artfire it will be so much simpilier sincer you can add alot of photos.

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Well that is all for tonight. Not feeling very well but I wanted to post some colors I have had many asking. My giveaway will be for a ring. I will be choosing the color. Once we have 50 members joined on the blog I will do the random number computer generated number picking so that it is fair. I cant wait to see who wins. Make sure to share this blog so that we get 50 members so that you have a better chance of winning. :) Love and Happiness to all. Thank you for supporting Handmade.

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special thank you to my ring teacher Bobbie Maw of MyWiredImagination. Her link is below if you would like to find her.

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