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Fun Day at our Local Art Fair & Polymer Clay Trunk Show

I was feeling a little better today so my mom and I went with our umbrellas and my cane to check out the local Art fair. I had tried to get in it because no one in this area sells polymer clay. But they were booked two years in advance. Ugh. I do have my name on the list for next year but a table is $250 (wow that is so outragious) so we will see what happens. Anyways. We had alot of new types of art this year. I was happy, usually its still the same old thing everywhere. Lots of people working with large sheets of metal and their creations were out of this world amazing. Some pieces were bigger than me and so much detail.

My favorite booth was a man that worked with old bike parts and scrap metal. He made snakes and lizards out of bike chains. They were just so cute. I stood there forever ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Such talent. Aaron my son is always wanting to work with metal and welding. So I picked up a few small pieces for him to see. He said we have to get some mom so I can try. So Ill have to start going to garage sales looking for bike parts. lol. Aaron is very creative and loves constructing things since an early age so I can imagine he will do well. He does great for a 12 year old with clay so give him a hammer and a torch and I will be thrilled to see what he makes. Here are the cute little snakes and lizzard that the artist made. The artist is : Rich Kolb of Louisville, Kentucky, Usa. to contact him He calls his business. YARDBIRDS original WHIMSEY C*L*A*S*I*C. His card says Great corporage Gifts. More contact information
 P: 800-828-9247, address 6228 Strawberry Ln., Louisville, KY 40214.
Here is his online selling site, you have to check him out.

Some fun examples of his work :)
Yardbird - B99 Ck Blue Bird

Yardbird - B29 Fighing Rooster

Yardbird - f252 Chubby Mutt Business Card Holder

Yardbird - C311, 1' Baby Nuts the Giraffe

Yardbird -C378 Babby rattle Snake

Yardbird - C393 Baby Coiled Snake (I bought this one and a few others for my son)
price was $12-15

*you have to checkout his work. It is amazing. some pieces were finished with gorgeous painted metal colors. Keyholders, dog dishes, salt and pepper shakers. So many original pieces. If you stop by tell him I sent you. I told him I would share and hopefully people would fall in love. There was a line very long to purchase so Im sure people fell in love like me. :)


Onto my next favorite.  The trunk show at Bead Hollow. I also have my work on display and for sale there. To find Bead Holow here is their infomation, Facebook :!/pages/Bead-Hollow/127090567330093
This is a quaint little bead and jewelry shop in Petoskey, Michigan. They have gorgeous top quality beads, findings and so much more. She does classes on jewelry making and I love to attend and learn. I will be doing clay classes there soon. :) After I find out what has to be done with my hip I will schedule some classes. Im so excited to start teaching adults. Anyways. She had an amazing trunk show and I believe its still there tommorow. Beautiful beads and there was also a vender there with work from several well known Artists, Christi Friesen, Wilda Kemp  and so many more. I purchased a beautiful pendant from Wilda Kemps collection. I loved the colors. I wont show it now because I want to share it once I add some tings to it to make it a finished necklace.Im hoping she has a tutorial on how to make it because Im just in love with the tecnique. They liked my work of course im a walking business billboard and asked for a card that they would be interested in seeing more of my work and puting it in their show next year maybe. Yay me. I was really excited to see and handle Christi Friesens work. Several hearts and a gorgeous Orange tropical flower and leaf penant and they had a few of her metal reproductions that she has of her original artwork. Very neat to see them in person. They are amazing. Great detail. I was so impressed with the artists work and neat to see the work in person that I sometimes see on facebook and in magazines. :)


I was surprised to see that most of the jewelry at the show was silver or metal formed by hammering the texture into it. I was also surprised to see rings like my Lori Love rings- Similar and the lady was charging from $95 to $120 for a ring & $195 for bracelets similar to the ones im working on. here I felt bad for charging $40 and her stones were not genuine swarovski crystals.They were acrylic. So Im excited to hopefully get in the show next year with my work and sell it at good prices and give quality work to the locals. there were no other polymer clay booths. I had so many people ask me where I bought my jewelry and I said I made it and they asked for cards. I took 100 cards with me and they are all gone. Lol. Hopefully it brings fun customers my way for either custom orders or they may like things I have already created. So for a rainy day it turned out to be a nice day with lots of good feedback and hopefully good sales.


A few other tables and artists I found interesting are Carpe Diem Designs by Joyce her website is She had lovely eclectic soldered art & timeless cusm photo jewelry. Very original pieces. Not like every other jewelry table there that is why I liked it.

Neck-Spressions by Carol Whearty, Hand cut stones & Unique Wire- Sculpted Jewelry her website is, I loved the large rare stones she had. Her creations were original and quite lovely. I enjoyed her work alot. I hope she had many sales. It was a busy booth hard to get in to see everything. :)

Another goldsmith designer was Patty Bolz her webside is : www.PATTYBOLZGOLDSMITH.COM her work was very lovely and different.

A super fun booth was called POT HEADS. LoL, I know what your thinking. But they were all Tea pots and he had re worked them into faces with metal sheeting. they were amazing. He did not have a business card but said he is on the internet. He said I didnt thing a business card with pot head on it would sell or look to good. LOL   but his work was fun, unique and very awesome. I searched the internet for him. His name is Steve Meadows and I was shocked to see hundreds of write ups about him. Well not shocked. Happily surprised. His work is very unique. I wasnt able to find an exact link for him but here is a fun write up from the Chicago Tribune on him.


Well I was turly inspired today in so many was and look forward to the next few weeks to try some new things. And work on more jewelry. I hope everyone keeps coming back to see my blog post and that you remember to join and share to win the ring and or a gift certificate to win free jewelry.


Have a blessed and fun warm weekend with your loved ones, friends or your art.

ܓƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Kimberly Idalski ܓƸӜƷ

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