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ArtBeadScene Monthly Challenge ~ Sept Abs ~ My Entry

Its that time again. My favorite time.
Creating with fellow Artisans for fun and a Challenge.
ArtbeadScene Time
I found out today 9/28/2012 that I made front page of the blog tour.
A photo of my work added to the front page. :)
Thank you ArtBeadScene for picking me, Im Honored.
Lots of amazing pieces this time. Please take the time to do the blog tour .
This is the Monthly Challenge Inspiration Painting

Flora by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1588
Oil on wood, 73 x 56 cm
Private collection, Paris, France

About the Art

Flora is one of Arcimboldo’s most famous paintings,
painted at the same time as Vertumnus,
when he was at the height of his career.
 Although his work was forgotten after his death,
 over the last 100 years it has grown in popularity
 to be included in many contemporary forms.
This particular painting was used as the 2009 cover
 for the album “Bonfires on the Heath” by the English pop band The Clientele.

About the Artist
Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian Renaissance painter
 known for his intricate paintings,
  which combined inanimate or found objects into a portrait
 that would resemble the portrait subject.
At the age of 22, Arcimboldo received a commission to paint stained glass windows,
 and later received other commissions to paint frescoes
 and design tapestries for Cathedrals in Spain.
 In 1562, he became the court painter to Ferdinand I of Vienna,
 and later for Maximilien II and his son Rudolph II of Prague.
 At this time, he was also employed as the court decorator and costume designer

Blog Tour
The Blog Tour deadline is September 26th.
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The Blog Tour will be on September 28th.
Monthly Challenge Winners

Winners will be randomly chosen from all the qualifying entries on September 1st.
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When I saw the painting I was instantly inspired.
Flowers, well as you can see by my blog I love flowers.
In one moment I knew exactly what I wanted to make.
No sketches needed this time.
I got out my Premo colors, White, Bordeaux, Magenta Pearl,
White Pearl, Black, Beige, Yellows, Gold.
I ended up using over 30 colors to mix. All premo of course.
I'm a premo addict and proud of it. Love the blends.
Grabbed My Tools a large ceramic tile and got to work.
I mixed up my own skinner blends from whites to bright reds.
Love these colors.  Rose Heaven.
I am wanting these colors to have some shimmer but not to much.
I saw this one in more of a matte appearance.
Well when I was sculpting anyways.
We will have to see what I decided at the end.
Sometimes I add glaze as a last thought.
I made several mini flower petal canes in white colors.
Yes ugh Dreaded white with very tiny pale accents.
I figured I better get the light color done first. 
Or I would have a mess of pink instead of white from the stain from
  those gorgeous red, mauve's, Burgundy's, golden, yellow and orange tones.
The Whites being so tiny and fragile it took me so long.
 Unfortunately my son and I both being sick for a few weeks.
I was worried I may not finish in time.
But I did. I'm really happy with the results. Its lovely.

All the Pieces Of the Very Art Bead Soup
Burgundy Satin Rope. All of My Hand Sculpted Art Beads

Hand Sculpted Toggle Closure and Circle Closure
Yellow flower with swarovski crystal and wire dangle center.

Hand sculped End Caps and Mini Roses
I ended up making additional roses In Pale Pink.

My Focal Art Bead. All Clay and Hands culpted by Me.
Several flower petal canes in different colors.
Sculpted Daisy's, Roses in several colors, many other tiny flower accents.

End Caps

Side Art Beads. Hand Sculpted all the way around
Each Photo is a different side.

Roses in Yellow, Mauve, Burgundy, Red

Yellow Daisy's

Mauve & Red Daisy's

Lots of little flower accents and petals. I loved making these.
Tip: To make these with larger holes for ribbon I use a skewer for food.
Also holds the bead in place for easy sculpting.
This a a breakdown of what my Necklace Pieces Mean in My eyes.
My Interpretation of the Painting Flora Below

I really Enjoyed this project and fell in love with the Main Art bead.
 I love flowers and this really let me create in colors I love.
With Premo Polymer Clay that I adore.
Also using my love of art and design.
Only thing missing is bling
(OH Wait. I snuck one in the Yellow flower dangle ;p ).
I think this painting is very lovely.
Odd but very detailed .
It amazes me that someone can paint such tiny little details.
I know how hard it is to make tiny flowers.
I cant imagine painting.
Polymer gave me the chance to incorporate the shapes
and lines of her dress or robe
Just by changing colors in the Main Art Bead
 I was able to interpret the neck area.
The two Mauve roses on the Main bead are her cheeks.
I Wanted to add the yellow flower but not in the main
focal flower so I added it to the toggle.
I went flower crazy and really fell in love with it more and more.
I could have stopped at the focal art bead
 but I wanted to add other beads
that represented other parts of this lovely lady.
The Art Bead on the left has her lips.
Two pretty little red petals in the middle of the light pink flowers.
Yes I know it is supposed to be between her cheeks.
Picasso's Paintings never had the nose in the right place.
 So Hey I'm a clay Picasso today :) .
Ya right. I'm very far from a Picasso but I can pretend for today.
When you are creating like this.
Tiny details You feel like a Painter.
The tiniest details can make such a difference.
Large Red flower from her hat slightly above it.
Lots of golden Yellow roses they really brought out a pretty detail of color
In his painting and in the necklace.
I wanted it all to be clay and flowers. So I made end caps of clay.
Sculpted flower petals on them. Made the toggle and bar.
Lots of mini roses to incorporate her.
She looked like she was just surrounded with flowers.
Ah to actually be surrounded with such beauty.
I enjoyed creating this lovely piece.
 I hope you enjoy it to.
Thank you ArtBeadScene for having this fun Challenge.


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Share The Love ~ Bloggers Unite ~ On Fire For Handmade

Im Proud to be a Member of this Group
Today we are Promoting our Fellow Artisans

This Weeks Featured Artisan is
Chrysalis Designs by RM

About the Artist

Hi, My name is Regina McDonald,
but friends call me Gina.
 I have been making jewelry for quite some time and truly enjoy it!

This weeks Featured Artisan is Regina Plummer McDonald.
 Better known as Gina.
 Owner and designer at Chrysalis Designs by RM.
 Gina has beautiful creations and are all true works of art!
 You can find Chrysalis Designs on:

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Chrysalis Designs @ Artfire

My Favorite Item from her shop was this unique Treasure.
Regina can custom create for anyone.
Add your photos for A Key chain, Pendant, or Magnets.
I love this idea for the Holidays
click the photo below to take you to the listing.
I also fell in love with this bracelet.
I love the shells and the way all the colors blend. Its lovely.
Regina On Etsy

This was my favorite design of Reginas On Etsy.
I read the description Red and Chocolate.
I had never thought of those colors together and I will from now on.
 Its lovely. Beautiful.
Regina has her own Website. Its beautiful Just like her designs.
Click the photos to take you to the website.
This gorgeous Design is on her Website in a Album. Wow this is Amazing.
I wish I could bead like this. Lovely Work Regina.

I Wish Regina Many Inspiring days and nights.
As all Artisans know we rarely sleep.
Wishing you many sales &
 I hope that all my followers stop by and show you some Love.
Thank you all for supporting me and Handcrafted Artisans
Blessings and Love
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