Saturday, September 22, 2012

Share The Love - Bloggers Unite

I want to apologize from being absent.
My son have been taking turns being sick.
I miss my group and I hope that my feeling good tonight
means I may be on the way to feeling better soon.
I  enjoy the Group OnFireForHandmade.
So many helpful and wonderful Artists.
To Join this amazing group go to :

Every Week a new member of the group is featured. 
Those that want to participate blog about the amazing artists.
I usually do a log special unique blog post.
Im sick so I will have to cut this short I apologize.

The Chickadee Tree

This weeks Featured Artisan is The Chickadee Tree.
She has wonderful creations that are created with love!
You can find Chickadee Tree on:

I wanted to add a little more and pick my favorite Item out of her Artfire shop.
She has alot of lovely treasures Was hard to pick my favorite .

I love pink & flowers so this is sooo Me.

Great Work !!

Another amazing artist from out group is:

Chainmaille by MBOI~ Share the Love Featured Artisan

This Weeks Featured Artisan is Chainmaille by MBOI
Chainmaille is an ancient art that dates back before the 5th century.
The process involves interweaving rings of various sizes into
intricate patterns to create wearable metal art.
In ancient times, chainmaille served the useful purpose of protecting soldiers in battle;
 but, since there are very few jousting matches happening on modern streets,
 chainmaille has evolved into wearable art.
ChainmailleByMBOI creates pieces using a variety of metals
including Sterling Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze.
Almost any pattern that you see can be created from a different metal
 so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for,
 please don’t hesitate to contact us
 we will be happy to begin a special order for you.
You can find Chainmaille by MBOI on:

Are you On Fire for Handmade?

Love their Jewelry.
Had to search and found my favorite.
If I got one I would love it in pinks all different shade. Its gorgeous!
Thank you for stopping by and for supporting me and Handmade Artisans.


Keep stopping by.
This week I,ll be sharing two brand new tutorials
Just in time for Halloween
Fun and Free.