Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Awarness Is Not Black and White

Hello my wonderful Blog Members.
So sorry I have been absent lately.
I have been working on new things for my holiday Art show.
There is a local show at the casino in Petoskey Michigan
Sunday November 18th from 11am to 6pm
If your near by stop and say Hello.
I would love to see my friends and family.
The last week I have been working with so many bright colors.
I'm excited to share all of them with you but that will be another day.
I will need alot more time to show you my new collection of Jewelry.
Plus alot of new creations that I added my beloved polymer clay too.
Between me being sore and my dogs getting sick its been a slow creating week.
I find myself looking for inspiration.
Today I scrolled through Facebook.
It seemed everything I saw was black and white.
Animals, photos, kids, you name it. So I'm inspired.
But first before I go off and hide in my clay den I wanted to share the fun photos.
You don't need color to be beautiful.
This truly shows that beauty is not just on the outside.

This hit home for me.
I finally after many years can say this with pride.
I love me again and I'm proud of who I am.

These are just beautiful.
I see these and I can close my eyes and see them on my guardian angel
My beautiful Angel in heaven my sister Lori.
This week I have made many things for My Art show.
Here are a few that are on Etsy and Artfire but will be new versions at my show.
I will also have bracelets, earrings, necklaces all to match.
I have been working hard and want to have alot of new creations for the show
Also looking forward to opening my second Etsy shop for Higher End Jewelry Designs by Me.




The last month I have talked to several people
and have been asked to make Cancer Awareness designs
 for cancers other than Breast Cancer Awareness.
Not that Breast Cancer is not important
but all Cancer Awareness Ribbons, Support and Awareness are important.
 As is the Global Genes foundation for genetic disorders in children.
 I support all cancer groups. 
 I created this one tonight for a clay friend,
she was looking to create a awareness bead
for a friend of hers that just recently lost her mom to Ovarian Cancer.
So this is for you Amanda.
I hope you and your loved one enjoy them. I will mail them to you soon.
For anyone else.
After the craft show Sunday I will work on ribbon beads for every cancer.
So that all Cancers are honored.
If you or anyone would like something made please just ask.
 I am always happy to help or help with a fund raiser.
Blessings to all and may God and Science find us a cure.



Thank you to all my Family, Friends, Blogger Supporters.
I wish you all a happy and Safe holiday.
Blessings and Love,

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Eveything at the show looked great.