Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3, 2012 Teaching Children & Peacock Inspired Creations

    June 3, 2012. Hello everyone, woke up this morning and the first thing I saw on facebook was an amazing phto of a Peacock shared by a facebook artist friend Ginger Gonzalez she always shares such amaizing photos that inspire me. Here is her Photo she shared.

     Wow right!!! Truly amazing and beautiful creature. I love birds and have parrots we always save their lost feathers and have a stash for soon to be jewelry creations made by my daughter Ashley and I. This peacock photo reminded me of the Peacock Polymer Clay Cane I had made several months back. So I made another one. I learned the tecnique of the Peacock Cane by buying and watching the turorial by Cindy Leitz @ I loved making it the first time and it was just as lovely the second time. Its made with Premo clays new accents colors, Pearl Premos, the main color of course being the Premo Peacock Pearl. The top photo is the jewelry I created with todays Peacock canes. A gunmetal focal with dangle swarovski ab2x colors. A gunmetal link bracelet with peacock feather dangles and lots and lots of swarovski crystals. I made a simple pair of dangle earrings with a peacock feather and of course more bling of swarovski crystals (KIMI LOVES BLING). I really enjoyed sitting and relaxing and working with clay this evening.

     The first cane I made from the peacock tutorial was for a challenge on ArtBeadScene blog. I was awarded Designer of the week with my Piece and also in the top favorites chosen by the editors. Win win. I was so excited because I really loved working on the piece. Here is the link to the Artbeadscene blog about the entry and my blog with all of the information :  The photo for the inspiration Is below, my entry is below that. I had so much fun making the peacock.

                                                        This is the Inspiration Photo for the Feb, Art Bead Scene Challenge.
The Conference of the Birds by Habiballah
Page from a manuscript of the Mantiq al-Tayr (The Language of the Birds) of Farid al-Din `Attar
ca. 1600; Safavid Iran (Isfahan)
Opaque watercolor, ink, silver, gold on paper
10 x 4 1/2 in. (25.4 x 11.4 cm)

My Entry - My version of Conference of the Birds - A Polymer Clay Peacock Necklace

On that note. If you see something that you want to make but are not sure how. Always search the internet, ask a fellow artist or search for tutorials. I did find a free tutorial but it is not as detailed and I didnt like the outcome as much but its a start if your a beginner and you can use the pearl colors of clay that may make it better. Here is the free tutorial link: Part one link- click on the first link that comes up it wont link directly:, Part 2 link, choose the first link that comes up it wont like directly:, Part 3 link: . GIVE IT A TRY & HAVE FUN.

     This weekend I had the pleasure of teaching two children how to create with Polymer Clay.  My son had a sleepover with friends and this afternoon I had a scehduled clay lesson with a sweet young lady. While setting up for the lesson my sons Friend Seth came and asked if he could make something for his mom. Seth is 12. I was touched. How sweet, not to many 12 year olds would make their mom things thats for kids or girls I usually hear (but my son does love to create with clay, Aaron my son is 12 also). So I talked to Seth to find out what his mom likes to see what we could create. He said I want to make something she can wear all the time. He said she only wears jewelry when she has to work so he wanted to make something for her hair. I asked if she wore pony tails. YEP he said with a smile. I said ok does she like butterflies he said naaa not really. Hmmm I said how about flowers. He said she loves red roses. I said well come on Red Roses it is. I got out my favorite pony tail holders that I purchase at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store). We sat down and got to work. Seth did an amazing Job. I created a rose he watched and within minutes he created one that looked AMAZING. Such a quick learner. I taught him how to make rose buds and stems. He decided he wanted to use a mold for the leaves. I used the sculpey molds that work wonderful with all clay creations. Here is the mold if you want to try them. Spritz with a little water add clay and i slice off the excess and pop it out and instant perfect leaves. . Just a quick note of other molds Im in love with. You have to check out these, they are amazing and you can bake the clay in them which is great for larger projects : She has three different sites for more an more an more amazing molds and a wonderful blog that I learn something new from every time I go there. Blog:  Sorry I got off track I love to share wonderful sites, great sales and amazing products. So Seth arranged his leaves, roses, rose buds and stems and lots of pretty little accents. We baked it and he was thrilled. I asked can I take a photo for my blog and he said yes please this is soooo cool my moms going to love it. Yes she will :) ..

Seth and his wonderful Polymer Clay Rose's & Leaves Pony Tail Holder. He did such an amazing job and look at that smile too cute!

     Time for my Private Clay & Jewelry Lesson with my sweet little customer Elizabeth she is 8 years old. What a fun filled afternoon with an amazing sweet little girl. We had a 2 hour time set up. So I had lots of ideas for her and let her pick what she wanted to make. Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Keepsake tin for her earrings and rings, a cute cork board for her room with Polymer clay thumb tacks and more. I had promised her a maicure and put cute polymer clay lady bug baked slices. I forgot to take a photo :( ..  We had so much fun she is such a delight and she so fun and easy to talk to. She is an amazing little artist and a very fast learner. I only have to show her once and she makes it perfectly. I have been working with her over the last few months and make up little tutorials for her all the time and she makes the jewelry at home and sends me photos. Im proud of my little student. Or should I say apprentice. We started with a clay tin since it would need to bake. I gave her a million and one choices because I have tons of things to create with. She decided she wanted to make clay birds out of the sculpey molds because she has a beautiful cockateil her name is Rosie she is lovely Yellow and White. Se we picked out her clay colors and got to work. Made a rainbow swirled base and she formed the birdys out of the molds, I taught her how to make tree branches. She used molds to make little flowers and added swarovski crystals (GIRLS LOVE BLING) to the flower centers. Used the molds to make some leaves and we started to assemble. Wow she did an amazing job. I was so thrilled and so was she because the one bird (she made two) looked just like Rosie. She was very excited to go home and show her bird. Here is a photo of Elizabeth with her amazing keepsake tin "Rosie".
Isnt it cute. Elizabeth if your reading this Im so proud of you. You did such an amazing job. We popped it in the oven to bake and got to work. 3 pairs of earrings, 3 rings, 1 necklace, and a cork bord and pins and 3 hours into the lesson. Oops two busy girls. Called dad to tell him we were running a bit over :).  I still had to paint her nails as promised. I forgot to photograph everything but these are a few things she created. She love the swirled rainbow clay and wanted to make a clay bunny. She did an amazing job she is such a treat.

     Dear sweet Elizabeth you did such a good job today I cant wait for you to come again. We then did a manicure of lady bugs and while they were drying she wanted me to let our ducks Wiggles & Waddles swim in their pool. Who can resist this sweet little girls request. So I chased the ducks (they are like corraling hogs) lol.  And we got to enjoy them swimming and diving and had lots of laughs together. I look forward to our next lesson. Thank you Jeremy for sharing your lovely daughter with me and allowing her to learn to create with clay (she was given a clay set to take home so she can practice for our next lesson- I cant wait to see what she makes). Her jewelry creations she makes are always lovely. I wear the one she made me proudly. Photo of her very first necklace she made all by herself at home after our first clay and jewelry lesson.
     Isnt it pretty. She is doing so well and Everytime I get a updated photo of her creations Im more proud of my student. Kids bring so much joy and inspiration to an artist. And there is no better thank you than a smile. Ok a hug is good to. I got lots of those today from her :) ..  Wanted to share a photo of the ducks enjoying there swim.
WIGGLES AND WADDLES such fun pets. They truly are comical and I have enjoyed each and every day with them. The have grown so fast its unbelievable. No we do not have a farm. Im just a sucker for a cute furry face. I cant say no to pleading loving eyes of any kind. lol  

     Well that is all for tonight. Im finally sleepy and need to clean up the rest of the things from the lesson earlier. I hope you all enjoyed my blog and will come back and visit again. If you have any questions or want to share anything please feel free to email me and after you read dont forget to join the blog and become a member. Share with friends.  Thanks so much.

Blessings & Love,