Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 4, 2012 Swarovski Rivoli Crystal's

     Hello again, Today started as a large list of to do's and want to do's lists.  Hmmm what to do first.  Cleaned up the dining room where I take my photos, check done only took me a few months. lol  When you have over 500 items to photograph you have to have a large room and table to keep them safe on. Ugh. NOTE TO SELF, PHOTOGRAPH AFTER EVERY CREATION, DO NOT WAIT. I was not born to be a photographer, not that I dont enjoy it, Im just not that good at it yet. Trying to experiment with lots of different backgrounds and settings so its been a little interesting. I keep thinking Ugh do I want to re take all those photos again. Is it really worth it, Um no. Have a huge sale and get rid of those items and Make new things. Yes yes so much more appealing in so many ways. I found this amazing photo editor that was free. Was having so much fun with it. Thinking I can do this. I can make my photos of my art work look professional, then two days later into editing I see on the front of the site that they are going to be shutting down the free sight. SIGH. Really, Really you have to be kidding. Now Im in search of a new site to edit on. Any one that has a good one they can share a link to I would be sooooo happy. :)  
     After cleaing up a bit, I decided it was time to create something I have been dying to make. I found these amazing Swarovski Crystals from a shop in France called Rivolis of course I fell in love (THIS GIRL LOVES BLING). I purchased some thinking these are amazing I cant wait to create something with them. At first I was putting them in my barrettes then pendants and rings. They are so lovely and such amazing quality, a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny. I shared some with my dear friend Valerie now she is hooked to, hehe, an addiction to bling is so fun to share. I started searching thinking I have to be able to find these cheaper. Im a coupon nut and sale nut when it comes to finding quality craft supplies and rarely do I buy any unless they are on sale. Im am the coupon queen at Joann Fabrics they so hate me there. lol   I do a coupon share email if anyone wants to be added post a comment on here to be added to the list- I do not share emails. But I have been told I have tripple the coupons that anyone else is every able to find. For example the one day my bill was $382.50 at Joanns before coupons, after coupons $23.57.  Can you say cha ching. The girl looked like she wanted to puke when she got done ringing them all up. Lol.  Priceless. Anyways back to the Rivolis. I found several amazing sites that sell them in the Usa, Faster shipping, cheaper and better selection. Win win win. Ill share links shortly. I then started searching thinking there has to be some amazing tutorials for these. Ya I know Im a tutorial addict too. Learning new things is always good for the brain (I have a brain injury from my car accident- so anything that I can learn is good cognitive therapy for me) and creating something afterwards and it turning out is the best feeling in the world. Sharing it is even better. So today I will share with all of you. This is what I started out with:

     I know doesnt look too exciting but wait there is more. With my search for knowledge of the Creation of Beautiful Rivoli tecniques I found lovely Ms. Bobbie Maw on Etsy wow she has amazing tutorials. Im so hooked. Anyhoo, here is her link to the tutorial Im have been dying to make. I sat down and read it for the tenth time today and said Kim what are you waiting for make it. I started getting out all the wire the tools. Ya the tools. UGH. I have so many tools and my husband was a mechanic do you think I would have a pair of flat nose pliers that would work NOOOOO. :(   So off to Joanns we go. Of course in this small town no one had a tool the size I needed 4mm so I ended up with a 5mm and had to make due. Will be searching online for that tommorrow. Home again with my new tools I started working. This is my inspiration:
Hello beautiful bling come to mama. Marcella Swarovski Crystal Ring Tutorial by Bobbie Maw on Etsy : http://www.etsy.com/listing/63028062/marcella-swarovski-crystal-ring-pdf-wire?ref=sr_gallery_4&ga_search_query=marcella+ring&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=all. Now the creating begins. I have tremors so I thought half way through that I wouldnt be able to finish :(. But I stuck with it and an hour and a half later I was so thrilled. I had made a gorgeous ring, it fit me perfectly the first try and I cant wait to make many many more. Woo hoo. Here she is my Marcella Ring with a Vitrail Light Swarovski Crystal Rivoli 12mm (yes big bling).
Applause please. Thank you. Lol ... What a fun tutorial and pretty easy after I relaxed and realized it was looking better once all the wire as in place.  It says intermediate on the tutorial and I thought for sure I would have a hard time. I love working with wire and clay together and had never tried it alone. Now my heading is spinning with all the possibilitys of what I can do to create one of a kind rings with my Rivolis. So excited. So soon there will be many in my Etsy and Artfire shops for you to purchase and I was doing some figures in my head and sketches thinking maybe I will design my own and make a tutorial to share. Hmmm  So many things on my Want To Do List.   If you would like the list of stores on where to get the Ready to make Rivolis like in this photo go to Ms Maw's site on Etsy she has the best priced Rivolis that are already preset which you need for this tutorial. It is not a cheap project, after buying wire, beads, bicone swarovski crystal beads and Swarovski Rivolis or Chatons plan on spending between $25-$30 just for supplies. If you need wire, this tutorial calls for three types, round, half round and square I deal with a few people on Etsy but only one I found had all the wire and Sterling Silver non tarnish good quality wire ant that was UnkamenSupplies: http://www.etsy.com/shop/UnkamenSupplies. Its a pricey project but believe me its worth it they are so gorgeous in person the photos do not do them justice. Now to open up the other tutorials dig out my amazing bead stash and create something new and challenge myself again. Fun.
     Your probably wondering what the top photo is those are my daughter Ashley's latest creations. Have you figured out what they are. Yes they are roses. Not clay which is what she ususally plays with when she is bored. Not paper. Hmmmmm Any guesses? 
Yep you got it Duck Tape Roses. They are actually very pretty when you hear duck tape you dont think roses. Well at least I dont. My husaband thought redneck :) .. But everyone she makes is more full and more lovely. I told her to make pens out of them. She has already sold several to co workers and is having fun making them. BUT they are expensive to make. Who would have thought colored duck tape would be so expensive, seriously almost $5.00 a roll for the fancy colors. Thats just crazy. But she is enjoying herself and having fun creating so that is what is important. How do you make them. I thought you might ask. She found a free tutorial online. A young boy teaching it. Lol  Two part tutorial He forgot to teach how to make the petals in the first one. :)  So Im sharing a link to a whole tutorial that has better explanation. But the boy was Very cute and clever young fella. Here is the link to the other tutorial if you would like to make yourself a duck tape rose.  If you dont want to my daughter Ashley would love to make one for you. Just leave a comment and she or I will get back with you. They would be cute in an office I mean who is going to get away with walking away with a duck tape pen. Thats a great way to keep your pen safe from those dredded pen thieves They are everywhere. :)  Link: http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=slv8-w3i&p=duck%20tape%20roses%20tutorial&type=W3i_YT,191,8_4,Search,20120206,18370,0,18,0. A few more of Ashleys pretty Roses below.

     Well I hope everyone has an amazing day and that you come back again. Im going to be working on alot of new things and would love to share tips, tecniques and where to find crafts and supplies for the best prices. I love searching for deals. Blessings to all and Happy Creating, Enjoy your day.

See you soon,

ܓƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Kimberly ܓƸӜƷ