Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hello Everyone. Sorry I havent posted in a few days been a very stressful week. Im working on a lovely dedication to my dog Dottie that I had to put to sleep a few days ago. It has been so hard with her sick then having to loose her. But in my grief I always find turning to my art and polymer clay brings me joy and relaxation of the mind and body so I must create to heal. You never forget things but everyone has their own way to grieve and own healing process. Im hoping creating this week with some new fun ideas will help me through this difficult time. Look forward to sharing and Hope you join my blog. Ill be posting a free giveaway and some great sale coupons to people that are members not email subscribers to  my Blog. So sign up as a Member so you can join in on all the fun here!

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This week Im working on a Challenge Project. For Polyform Products aka Premo & Sculpey Clay.

     This is the inspiration photo and Jewelry it is a steampunk necklace by artist Syndee Holt for Sculpeys June Make - It -Your Own Contest.

     The challenge is to create something of your own inspired by this, it can be anything. For more informaiton you can  for details on our May Make-It-Your-Own contest. The prize is a set of premo! Custom Bead Cores, enough to make 25 beads and 20 packages of premo! clay, your choice of color. Sound fun????? I think so. Im off to work on my project now 6/16/2012 5:28am. I love the challenge every month its so fun to see everyones creative works. Everyone sees something different in a drawing or a piece of art than the next artist. Thats what makes it so fun. With polymer clay your options are limitless. Off to play with my Premo Gold, 14k gold, Silver & Bronze. :)

     To view other artists work or work in progress or even better join in on the contest,  visit Polyform Products on facebook. I love their site it has so many fun tips, tecniques and links to their shops and access to their products early :) . And who doesnt love premo clay. Its my favorite by far. Easy to condition. Bakes up beautifully, colors are amazing, whats not to love. Link:!/PolyformProducts . Hope to see you all join in on the fun.


Not to exciting but I am not much for steampunk. So I kind of made it a girly flowery steampunk. Lol.

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      Sometimes in life you come across someone that just fits into you life perfectly. You hit it off right away. Cant stop talking and sharing like you have known that person for your whole life. In a few short conversations you have a bond with that person that you know will never go away. I found that in a customer that I originally met through Etsy.  She purchased some items from me on Etsy then started shopping on my Artfire site where I have more items made. Then I started creating new things for her, she inspired me to work outside the box. We share the love of many colors and lots of bling so it was and is such a pleasure creating with her. She to is a polymer clay artist. She unlike me has been to many clay classes and has had the opportunity to learn under some amazing clay artists. She is an amazing artist herself. She will be opening her own business soon and Im so proud of her. I have been pushing her to make things. She has quite a collection of polymer clay canes from various artists. She like me is hooked on canes, beads and anything that blings :).  As with all customers I love making special free gifts for them. I cant just send what they order. I want to make their experience a great one so that they are happy that is more rewarding than anything. One day I was sick I told her Im taking a nap when I wake up you had better have something made. lol  She made the most amazing clay bracelets. I was so proud of her I cried. She did amazing. Her first creation was a bracelet for me. I am so honored that she made me something. Because like most artist you tend to forget about yourself. So I was really excited when she sent me photos and then mailed it to me. She did amazing dont you think. So I keep on pushing her to create :) !

     We have had so many laughs and fun times. We love to share things with each other and when I see something she may like I buy it, when she is out she sees something I like she buys it. We like to spoil each other. Its pretty much a weekly thing to send a package to each other. Its like christmas all year.  Not that you need that in a friendship.  We have more than that, Im there for her and she is always there for me anytime.  I have been through some terrible things the last few months and you know who your real friends are and who really cares about you when bad things happen. She was the only person that was there for me other than my kids, hubby and parents. I love her for that.  Whats fun to what we share is inspiring not about buying things. Its usually something that we can create with and end up sharing those creations. Inspirational Sharing I guess you could call it. First I want to share her name, I hope she doesnt mind my artist friend is Valerie Cook of Florida and she will be opening her business soon and now has a facebook page:!/TheCreativityNookTampa .  She works with polymer clay, seed beads (amazing) and now thanks to little ol me she is hooked like I am on Swarovski Crystal Rivolis from Austria. Amazing.   I sent her some Rivolis and she said she would make her and me and my daughter some beaded earrings and pendants. WOW DID SHE EVER.  VAL HAS FOUND HER TRUE CALLING. THESE ARE GORGEOUS AND DAMN GIRL ARE GOING TO SELL LIKE HOTCAKES. Now to get her motivated to create more and open a shop on Artfire. I know that will bring her joy because she loves to create for people like me. She is an amazing artist and it shows with all the attention to detail and love she puts in everything she makes. Here are my Rivoli Earrings she made me. STUNNING!!!! I loved them so much been wearing them with my pj's for two days.

She also made these amazing Pendants. I cant wait to send her more Rivolis to see what she comes up with. Her and I both are hooked on tutorials and have quite a collection between the two of us. So I cant even imagine anything prettier than these.  If you would like her information or want something made you can contact me and Ill have her get ahold of you or post on here and she will see it. :) We need to get her to open a shop.  Creating and sharing makes you happy. I know because it helped me find her!

Thank you Valerie, they are amazing. I had fun with photography on them. Ill send you some photos for when you start selling :) ..  Your phone photos did not do them justice. They are Breathtaking.  Hmmm  I wonder what you have on the way to you right now???? Any guesses.  We will all have to stop by in a few days so I can show you what Valerie is getting in the mail from me.  If you love crafting and creating, Creating and sharing with friends is even better.  I love to make things for her and also love helping her learn to make something and she loves to make things and share them with me. I even will do step by step tutorials on my Droid and send them to her if she needs them. Thats what clay besties are for.  Hugs and Love ya girl.  Ps: Check your mailbox in a few days. :) ...

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     Now just waiting for the wire to get here and I will be creating amazing rings to sell. The stones I have picked are so gorgeous. I cant wait to create with them.  I do also add them to my clay art but some most of the larger ones will be Rings or Pendants. If you see something you want Please let me know. Ill be making a wait list as I already have a few requests. By Tuesday I should have all my stones and then I will list all the stone colors available.  I will be able to make any size and if there is a color I dont have I can usually get it in a week or less if its available. Some of the rare ones take longer as they come from Austria or France. Here is a Ring that I made that will be available This coming week for me to make. The side beads of course can be in a variety of colors of swarovski crystals, pearls or silver beads. This was my first attempt. I have been practicing they are looking amazing and I cant wait to share photos. Will be just a few short days and Ill be able to sell them and I cant wait for everyone to open their packages. They are beyond gorgeous. I havent taken mine off other than for photos and I have been asked everywhere where I got it and have a few orders from standing in the grocery line. :) 

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Well that is all for today. Im off to package up some jewelry Im donating to a little girl Breannas fund raiser she has Lukemia and is 6 years old. What a little angel she is. I hope that my donations bring her and her family the money they need. I have a few surprises for her too :) .. In closing I want to say Thanks to all that purchased items through my shop and or sent donations to the Dottie Creamation fund.  I cant thank you enough. I was able to pay for the cremation and get my children each a keepsake with her ashes in them. They were very happy and Thank you also.  Amazing how when times of need happen and you find out who really cares about you and is there when you need them. Even to just talk to. Thank you to everyone that took the time to call or text to check on us. Blessings and love to all. We miss you Dottie. Everymoment of everyday.  I miss your little gallop and your barking at dad when he comes home from work. You are my precious princess and give Lori a big hug and kiss for me. I miss you both my sweet angels in heaven.