Monday, July 23, 2012

Donate to your local Humane Society ~ Attended a fun fundraising event for ours today

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society
1300 West Conway Road
Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740
Phone: 231-347-2396

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is a donor-funded, non-profit corporation that offers a temporary home to companion animals. As a no-kill shelter, our mission is to offer warm shelter, veterinary services, and personal attention to all the animals in our care, as well as proactive methods to control pet overpopulation. Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is committed to educating the public about the humane treatment of companion animals.
Shelter Hours Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Sundays


Everyone that knows me knows I love love love animals. I cant say no to those sweet little eyes. When I was healthier I voluntered at the local Humane Society. I used to walk all the dogs a mile a day. Seriously if there were ten I walked them all. I dont know how I did but when I saw them look at me I couldnt say no. I loved helping there. There is so much that needs to be done at your local humane society and they are always looking for helpers to feed, clean pens, and walk a dog. If you love animals and cant have your own. Go borrow one for a few hours. Take that loving dog for a walk they need lots of love and lots of exercise and cant always get it. So donate time if you have nothing else to give. Time and love are amazing gifts.


Tonight my husband and his work played in a charity event for our local Humane Society. It was a very fun evening. It was the Emmet County Sheriff Department Vs McSports in Petoskey. Both teams were a great group of ladys and gentlemen out playing their hearts out for an amazing cause.
The sheriff department won 31-3 but the real winners are all the happy animals that the charity will help out. That is what it was all really about and they all had a great time and we as family members enjoyed being there too. Lots of laughs and im sure tommorow lots of sore knees and backs. The other team left before I could take their photos. But thank your local McSports for supporting the Humane Society. They were a great group and they played hard.


One of my best pets ever was an adopted dog from the humane society and I sadly had to have her put down recently because she had lung cancer. That dog gave me some amazing memorys and our family misses her terribly. She wasnt a pure bred but she was perfect. 5 cancer surgerys, loss of toes, part of a foot then a leg then other surgerys. She was tough and ran around on three legs just as fast as my labrador's and she was wonderful. I wouldnt trade my time with her for anything in the world. She was always my little princess. Dottie our little angel in heaven we miss you.


Bella, Dottie & Blu ~ Kissy time



Need a pet, a companion or have some extra time to give some love to a wonderful animal there are so many adorable ones at the shelter in Petoskey. Here are a few photos. You can stop by anytime to give them some love. They like treats too. You can donate time, money, blankets, toys, leashes, collars, and most important love. Stop by your local shelter and see what there is you can help with. I always hear people say they like to walk but have no one to walk with. Go to your shelter walk with a dog. They listen and they would love it. Plus its for an amazing cause.

Barley ~ Male 5 yrs 5 months old

Cupcake ~ Female 3 yrs 10 months old

Darlene ~ Female 1 yr 4 months old

Effie ~ Female 5 yrs 1 month old

Goose ~ Male 1 yr old

Harley ~ Male 11yrs 4 months old

King ~ Male 7 yrs 4 months old

Lady ~ Female 5 yrs old

Mack ~ Male 1 year 6 months old

Stella ~ Female 1 yr 10 months old

How can you not love these faces. Ugh If I didnt have three already and two ducks, two parrots I would be there tommorow getting one. Hmm Joe is allergic to cats, maybe I should trade Joe for a cat. Just kidding hon. lol


Cats & Kittens Available

All of their Cats are in a cage so they are already litter trained which is wonderful. :)

How cool is this most of them are named after colors or gemstones. I love bling:) There were so many cats I didnt have room to show them all. Please go look at these adorable cats and kittens that need a home. They need someone to give them some love and care.








If nothing at all, stop by to pet them, give them some kisses and snuggle. Every pet loves to be loved.


For the link to see all these animals and more about them:

and look under ADOPTIONS


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My one and only Modeling Debut ~ Fashion Bug 2012

I was very honored this May when I went into the Local Fashion Bug and they asked me who made my jewelry. I said I did. They asked me if I would be interested in displaying my jewelry at their fashion show. They said they are inviting different people but they wanted a jewelry artist there and loved my work. I of course said YES!!!  I asked how much it would be. They said free. You just come and bring your work. They had huge tables set up for me. They then asked me if I would model their cloths for them. I was hesitant at first then they said you get 40% off anything in the store. Ok who doesnt like a deal. It gets better.

My booth and Me at the Fashion Show

Closer View of me and some of my work

Me in one of my outfits I modeled for the show & I also got to model my Jewelry in the Show. They had local beauticians there that did our hair and makeup for free. What girl doesnt like to get primped up and all glammed out for free. Lots of freebies that day.

Photo of me in another outfit I modeled with my Jewelry.  They also had vendors from Avon, Pampered Chef, and several home decorating places. We all got a bag full of goodies from local business people and even some free lunches. Reminds me I need to get with my friends and we all need to go to lunch.

Me again. Fun part was they had a professional photographer there. She took over 100 photos of me free of charge on a disk. I could have the disk for free to keep and If I wanted larger prints they were less than a few dollars to have them edited and blown up. I dont like photos of me so I didnt get enlarged photos but I truly had a wonderful day. My dear friend Carol was in it also, I talked her into coming with me. It was a fun experience and a great source of free advertisment for my art and jewelry. Lots of fun, great cloths and a few good sales :). I look forward to next year. They already asked me back and if I would let more models wear my jewelry. I said SURE!

Check your local Fashion Bug, the girls told me that every Fashion Bug has fashion shows at least one to two times a year, They are always looking for models, vendors and its all free. You cant beat a fun day with lots of free stuff and supporting your local area business.


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