Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rainbow Days - Autumn Nights

Summer Seemed to fly by.  :(
Two days ago it was 90 degrees out.
Today I'm wearing jeans and a sweater.
I did not get enough summer and sand between my toes. 
Then there are days when I love going outside to feel a cool breeze.
Funny how the weather sometimes determines how you create.
That has been the way its been the last few days.
From Rainbow Beads and Barrettes to
Halloween and fall beads.
I decided this month is bead month. I love making beads and miss it.
So there will be alot of beads showing up for sale.
I love to see what others create with my beads.
Collaborated works of art.
My first beads were pumpkin beads.
I love these little pumpkin canes and they are shined up to look like glass.
The beads and many others are for sale
Click the above photo for the link to purchase

Here is my Halloween Jewelry I made for me :) I love it. Its large but fun.
The Day before the Pumpkins came rolling out it was so nice out.
I felt the sunshine and thought bright and summer colors
Candy Pink Premo, Purple Pearl Premo,
Aquamarine Mix Premo & Pearl & Bright Green Pearl
Sculpted some tiny bright petals for a ring and a barrette
Of course some bling was needed so a Pretty Crystal Ab Swarovski added to both.

Will be listing these for sale soon.
If your interested let me know and I can list them for you.
Now My favorite Pretties. Kind of a polka dot Rainbow.
Gorgeous Petals Made into focal beads.
I drilled the holes large enough you can put a nice size rope or ribbons through there.
Lots of possibilities for a bracelet or focal for a necklace
The Ring is just some polka dotted bling.

Rainbow flower petals and Swarovski Rivolis in Crystal Ab and Rose.
Beads are Matte finish (will let the buyer decide)
Ring is glazed and gorgeous. I'm going to have a hard time selling that one.
Will be listed tomorrow.
Little bit of Halloween and Autumn feeling.
Sculpted lots of gorgeous leaves, going to make some dangle earrings
Maybe a leaf bracelet or two.
My Autumn bead soup of sorts.
The beads in the back, My cute Ghost, Witch Hat and Pumpkin
that is going to be Cha Cha Halloween in a few days
I have a few other surprise beads cooking for it
and then Ill be listing it on my site.
All the beads are turning out so cute and the ghost glows in the dark.
Watch for a tutorial on the Ghost in the next few days.


Not to exciting of a week.  Sorry will try to be more upbeat in a few days.
My son has been in and out of the doctors and hospital dehydrated.
My time has been taking care of him. He is starting to feel better tonight.
I pray after this weekend he feels like himself again.
I wish you all a wonderful Creative and hopefully warm weekend.

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