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Candy Corn Tutorial ~ From Me to You for Free

Supplies List:
Premo Orange
Premo White
Premo White Frost Glitter
Premo Cadmuim Yellow Hue
I like to use a sections and define the size of clay,
 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the block of 2 oz premo clay
So used 1/4 of white
1/8 of white glitter
1/2 of orange (If i did this again i would use 3/4 orange
1/2 of Cadmium Yellow Hue

Condition the colors separately, then connect them together as shown

Condition the white and White glitter together
 in the pasta machine if you want this to be without defined lines.
I Wish after finishing I would have done each separate
 and had more define lines.
Personal Preference.

Roll the three colors together with your acrylic roller
so that it fits in the pasta machine without distorting the colors

Once thin enough for the thickest setting on the pasta machine it will look like this
This again is personal preference.
 If you want defined lines and do not want the swirled look
or skinner blend look between the colors.
for example a pale orange then orange like in the finished photo on top.
 then reduce each color separate when rolling and when using the pasta machine.

Run it through your past machine,
With a finger on the right side of the clay to keep it thin and straight as possible.
After running it on the highest setting I ran it on a 4 on my pasta machine.
Making a very nice thin layer of clay.
You must be careful to catch the clay
with your hand and stretch it out as it comes out the bottom
 or it will stick together like mine did.
I like sharing tutorials and boo boos.
Because if I make the boo boo and tell you about it
 then you wont make the same boo boo. :) 
Like below. Stuck together mess. UGH.
Use able and worked fine but still.
I know better and should have paid attention.

Always hold your clay when you are making it this thin
on the top of the clay going through
 and the clay coming out of the bottom of the pasta machine. Bad me. :)

But since we are stacking this in a ribbon like fold way it worked out ok.
Not as neat as I like it but it did work.

after stacking all the colors in this folding back and forth method.
You will have some uneven sides and ends we will take care of those soon.
 At this point it is ok.

Different view of the stack

I decided that the white was not enough for me.
So I added another 1/4 of the clay block
and reduced it in the pasta machine on a 4 like the others
 and folded it in a ribbon or accordion way and added it.
( I also wish I would have added more orange.)

Roll each side of the now finished clay block.
To get all of the air bubbles out.
you don't want to flatten it totally, we will be reducing.
You just want to get all the layers you folded to stick together nicely.

turn the clay and do the other side.
 same thing just to get air bubbles out.
firm but not heavy pressure on the acrylic rod

Roll all 4 sides.

Now you have a long about 1 inch high rectangle.
 We need to make this a nice round shape.
Use your hands. Your best reducing tool.
TIP : If the clay is soft.
Please put it in the Refrigerator for an hour
or so to let it get cold so that it does not distort to much.

I'm pushing inward with both hands
 and keeping my fingers pointed at the end so that it doesn't stay square,
 it starts to curve at all four sides tops and bottoms.

Turning on all sides to make sure all air bubbles are out
 and not distorting the clay to one side to  much.
Reducing it a little on each side keeps it even when you want it to have define lines
 like the candy corn does.
If you only reduce one side it will be slanted.

Keep reducing and make into a rounder squared shape.

I flattened each side a bit with firm but light pressure with my hands
 because it was a large cane.
Made it fit better in my hand for reduction.
I did this on all four sides

Started reducing by squeezing in the middle
 but not turning or twisting my hands or the cane .
if you twist or turn it will distort your colors.

Once it is skinny how you like in the center of the reduced cane.
 Start to reduce the ends.

I do this by rolling the cane.
not alot because we want to keep that shape.
I always lift my hand to make sure the lines of the colors are straight
keeping the cane in the correct shape that I desire.

Once the ends are rolled out.
 I lightly stretch the cane.
 Stretch then roll a little .
Doing both keeps the colors where they should be
and makes the cane reduce nicely.
If at this point it seems to soft pop
 it in the refrigerator for an hour and then reduce again

Reduce to the size you like for your cane.
I kept mine larger because I had several different projects I wanted to make.

I sliced a 3 inch section so that I can make a cane with transparent around it for beads.

This is the partially finished cane. First Reduction.
 Of course you need to pinch the top to make it tear drop
 and flatten the bottom some.
But this is not finished.
TIP: See the mix of colors in the blends.
If you do not want this effect.
make sure you do NOT put all three colors in the
pasta machine at the same time
Reduce all four separate.
then fold them all on top of each other
 and there will be straight lines with no blend.
I think it looks pretty and enjoyed it this way.
Since it is different from other candy corns. More unique look.

I reduced some transparent premo on a 3 on my pasta machine.
 to make a small candy corn cane .

Covered the cane with the transparent.

Rolled the transparent so all the edges and seams went together.
Reduced it to a smaller size for my beads.

this would be considered a mini cane on selling sites.

Cut my cane in the middle

Pinched the top together slightly

flattened the bottom like a candy corn
 and here is a slice of the mini and a larger candy corn slice with transparent.
Can use to slice thin and put on your projects or slice thick as beads

 I used the larger cane and made beads without transparent.
 some larger beads for focal, smaller for earrings and bracelet dangles.
I sold some undrilled and thinner to artists for their scrap booking projects.
 I like to reduce my cane as needed
 because you never know when you need a different size
For a project or design. I leave a 2 inch section un reduced.

Pendant on left earrings on right.
 Each have many swaorvski crystal dangles in rondelles and bicones.

Pendant avail on my sites. click photos to purchase

Earrings avail on my site. click photos to purchase.

Hope you all enjoyed my free tutorial.
 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Or post a comment on here and I will address it right away.

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