Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Checking In

Smile Because your Pets Love You
Start my blog out with a smile from An Angel.
My Sweet Dottie in Heaven We miss you.
Came across this photo and had to share.
This was her smile which was on her face often.
I didn't realize how much I missed blogging.
Until I sat down and realized how much I have not shared.
Fun Family things, A holiday Art show, New creations,
New Friends, Great new finds,
and much more.
I had my Holiday Show Just before Thanksgiving and it went well.
My body however did not. Once I sat down when it was over.
Well lets just say I couldn't get up again for 7 days.
7 days more after that I was still suffering.
I think I may have to limit myself to one show a year or season.
Or eliminate shows. 
I really enjoyed it. I met so many amazing people.
So many Opportunity's. Wow...
1) I was offered teaching jobs which I will be am so thrilled about.
I will share more once the dates are set.
2) Wholesale offers in a few shops, local and some in Southern
Michigan. One in another state. I was flattered. Excited.
Working on the details with them. :) 
I'll be sure to share so you can visit the shops to show support.
3) many requests for home shows. Girls night out jewelry lessons
That I offer. A booked birthday party and two
pending bookings for girls nights out. They are working on dates.
4) Teaching at the Bergmen Center in Charlevoix.
I will be getting back to them after the first of the year.
I'm really excited about that. The teaching will be with disabled.
Something I have always wanted to do. So super happy.
5) A few more surprises. We will see if they pan out :)..
6) The day after the show and a few days later I received three invites
to closed shows that were all before Thanksgiving.
I sadly was not healthy enough nor was my inventory ready.
Those that helped me pack up did not organize like I would.
Bless them for their help. But I will be sorting for two months to find things.
Above all I was honored to be appreciated .
Proud of myself and I have not felt that way in awhile.
I walked away feeling good mentally, physically I was 90. lol
I was so proud to say, I made all of this out of clay.
NO it is NOT painted.
Yes it is all done by hand.
Thank you for your kind words. Big Smiles o_O !!!

I felt so blessed to be able to create.
I have been through so much and seeing others smile
at the things that I made with so much love.
It inspired me to keep on going.
Keep on inspiring.  Doing what I love.
Just at a slower pace.

Photos of my Booth.
Many have asked to see.
I couldn't put them all on facebook. Too much to share.
These were taken the night before the show.
So there was more added the next day and some things adjusted.
I thank my Mom and My son for helping me set up.
Without them I could not have done it.
It took us 5 hours. Ugh.
I received a ton of orders from the show. Took me several days to complete them.
I received emails from everyone and they are pleased.
I will be listing them soon in my new shop

Blank spots are where my rings were. I forgot to take a photo
of this part of the booth until after the show and I had sold items.
Oops. Above is the photo of what was there in the place of white boxes.



Snowflakes and Pin/Pendants

Snowflakes and Pin/Pendants, Poinsettias





(click the links to take you to the listings for up close photos)
Bottom shelf was ring holders and Incense burners

Like I said click highlighted areas to find my items that I had at the show
listed in my Etsy and Artfire shops.
I still have many to list and will be doing that in the next two days.
Remember 20% off for Bloggers, Use BLOGGER20 at Checkout

My favorite type of claying is Clay embroidery.
Ill be listing these pendants soon.
I am making many types and colors.

 Have a favorite color. All of these can be custom made into your favorites.
This is what Ill be working on in the next few weeks.
That and wire wrapping. Just waiting on my wire to get here and my new tools.
 Awareness Beads
Pandora style and Focals.
I now will take orders for beads in any Ribbon color.
Click photos below to take you to the listing.
Cancer or Any type of Ribbon
that you hold close to your heart.
 I will custom design any ribbon for you.


One of my Favorite Cane Artists is having a sale in his Etsy Shop
Great deal and Amazing canes.
The only ones I have ever purchased that slice like silk.
Great Customer Service and tell Him Kimi Sent you.
Stop and visit

I purchased several of his canes and I love them. I get twice as many slices.
They slice like silk.
Click any photos below to take you to the selling links
For Matt's and My work.
First photos are His canes, Second photos are my Creations with them.



Love the snowflake canes.
I made alot of jewelry and beads with these and I love them
They sold well at my Art show.
 I have a few left in my shop on Artfire and Etsy.
Below his cane are my creations.
My New Favorite, Pink/Black/White Hexagon Kaleidoscope Cane.
His canes have amazing detail.
Had fun doing some swaps this month
My partner was a lovely lady in Italy.
I cant share what I made but it was a fairy door.
Plus we decided to make a 2 inch square
with our favorite technique we use with clay.
My package shipped out Monday Morning.
I'm so excited for it to get there.

This is a sneak peak of my ingredients for my Fairy Door.
All these wonderful Polyform Products fit in that box.
Hmmm. Wonder what color it is??
We will soon find out. Ill be sure to share on my blog.
Ill share mine and the one she sends me.
She is an amazing artists and I will share about her then too.
I love doing swaps. Its fun to work outside my comfort zone.

This month and last I was not well so sadly I did not
participate in alot of challenges.
I truly missed it.
I did have fun making an ornament for a blog hop.
See my other blog to read all about it.

I just want everyone to know I'm here and still creating.
I'm working on several tutorials for Polyform Products.
I hope to get a few of them published.
Ill be sure to share when I find out.
I have a few more days to complete the many tutorials I'm working on.
My other big project is opening up my Third shop.
For a unique wire wrapped, chainmaille, Genuine stones.
I'm really excited about it. It is going to take a few months to get everything listed.
I will open This week with my Lori love rings and lamp work glass Jewelry.
In January I will add my other items I'm working on now.
I will be doing a grand opening and a giveaway soon.
So keep checking back for more.
Today was mainly just a blog to check in
to say Hi to all my wonderful blogger friends.
I will try to be more active on the blog. I miss it.
I want everyone to remember to support
Handcrafted Artisans during the holidays.
Give someone a handmade gift, a unique one of a kind treasure.
Support the USA made products.
Thank you and Blessings to all,


To shop with me for the holidays
Use coupon code BLOGGER20 at checkout for 20% off

Create with Heart, Love, Color and Bling
Happy Holidays
Shop Handcrafted
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