Saturday, January 26, 2013


I am a proud member of this amazing group
So many extremely talented artists.
Fun challenges every month
Supportive group that Pins on Pinterest
Many Treasury's made to support our members
I enjoy being a part of this group
Love looking at every ones progress
as artists and getting to know them.
This months challenge is Faux
That can be any type of Faux anything made with
Polymer Clay.
I chose a faux stone.
Looking for genuine stones Ugh the prices.
I love faux fire agate
Like the look of it being slightly transparent
Love the many shades it comes in.
So I experimented last night and had fun with it.
I of course choose purple
Since purple and pink are my favorite colors.
Here is a real Fire Agate
This is sold by someone on Ebay
To see the stone and seller click on the photo.
I will be making a tutorial on this.
Almost done with it just have to finish up editing photos.
It was fun and easy so I want to share. :)
Here is my Faux Purple Fire Agate Pendant
I Also made a faux druzy slice
All wire wrapped Just like a normal stone.
Was very fun and when the light shows through
It is so clear and you can see both sides and all the
pretty colors of clay.

I love Premo White transparent it is awesome
It really helped with this technique.
It is so hard to show in photos the true transparency.
I am very sick so I didn't have the time I wanted
and did not feel up to the other ideas I had to add to it.
But I had fun so that is all that matters.
I hope you stop by and Vote
Voting begins February 1st - 7th
Ill be sure to remind everyone.
Stop by and see every ones great Faux
Creations on the Blog : PCAGOE BLOG
Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting me
and Handmade.
Hugs and blessings to all.


Create With Heart, Love, Color and Bling



A Half-Baked Notion said...

You're busy girl, you must have been posting this page while I was commenting on the other LOL. I'm hittin' the hay tonight but I'll check out the PCAGOE tomorrow. Faux are wonderful and keep us from going crazy buying one of everything!

kim Idalski said...

Thanks so much. It was fun and im going to make the tutorial with other colors to show the different ways to use it, so many varieties. Polymer is so fun. Ive been so sick it felt wonderful to create and join in. Not my best work but I had fun. Hope you get back to creating. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for always taking the time to stop by and comment. Hugs

kim Idalski said...

Well I sure am a dork. I forgot the deadline is the 25th not the 26th. My brain has not been clear since November. One illness after another. But I had fun making it and I actually created a bracelet for another challenge from it since I wont be entered in this challenge. And the bracelet I love. So Ill be posting that soon. It was my weekly Duh moment :)