Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Purple Valentine Blog Hop Giveaway

Winners Announced today 2/18/2012
Winners have until 2/28/2013 at 1am to claim their winnings.
Thank you to everyone that participated.
I appreciated all the love and support
and hope you had fun.
1st prize goes to Maddy Nupp Mcdonald $ prize to my artfire.
Maddy  has been notifed and accepted her prize.
2nd prize a Lori Love Heart Ring goes to Beth Edwards
Beth to claim your prize I have emailed you your link
3rd prize $20 Artfire Certificate to my shop goes to Marci Koziloek Krafty Max.
Email sent with your coupon code.
4th prize a Butterfly Creation via my Artfire shop goes to Tommi Sparkmen.
Tommi to claim your pize here I have emailed you your link.
5th prize a Polymer Ring of her choice goes to Sarah Perry.
Sarah you have been sent an email with your code to use at checkout.
6th prize 40% off any purchase in my Artifre shop goes to Brian J Wood.
Brian you have been sent an email with your checkout code.
7th prize 30% off any purchase in my Artfire shop goes to Terry Spears.
Terry you have been sent and email with your checkout code.
8th prize 30% off any purchase in my Artfire shop goes to Cindy Pait.
Cindy you have been emailed your checkout code.
9th prize Buy one item get one free at my Artfire shop goes to Tee Hall
Tee a code has been sent to you via email.
10th prize a butterfly cell phone charm goes to Karen Mallory
Karen an email has been sent with your link.
11th prize a 20% off any item in my Etsy shop goes to Cindy Williams Morris
Cindy an email has been sent to you with your code for checkout.

For all the wonderful people that did partake in my blog hop please visit my Artfire for an additional 15% off any purchase. Checkout code is PURPLEBLOGHOP

 Welcome to my page
and to the
Purple Valentine Blog Hop Giveaway
Have fun and win 11 prizes just from me
many more from others. So hop hop hop

Welcome to the Purple Valentine
Blog Hop Giveaway!!!
°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°

 A large group of Artists friends are getting together

Supporting each other

Having this blog hop on their blogs

Most are having giveaways also.

So Please Please go to each blog

You could win so many treasures

Who doesn't love beautiful free things.

All bloggers are listed below that are in the Hop

Their links are posted click on them and it will

open their blog in another browser.

Enjoy every wonderful artist that has taken the time

to set up a fun free giveaway for you.

What a fun way to maybe win yourself some beautiful

Valentine gifts for yourself or loved ones.

°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°¨¨ º ¨¨°º♥º°
I'm so happy it is finally time.
Have been waiting to start this fun free
Blog hop and my largest giveaway ever!
I have listed lots of prizes that I hope you all will love.
There will be 11 winners
in case of a tie the tie winners will receive the same prize
then I will pick a 12th winner.



I know when you see the list of things to do
You will groan and hopefully not pass it up.
They are all very very easy and fast.
Painless and fun I promise.
Plus you could win tons of great things.
Plus not every one of them is Mandatory.
Most are just for fun and you can do them
today or come back another day and do more.

Many can be repeated everyday so you can
really rack up the points.
So no worries if you don't have time today
Come back later and finish up :).



Here is the list of all of the Blog Hoppers
Please stop by and visit them.
We have all worked hard to make this a fun event.
We want to share with you our love for blogging and creating.

Many more. See the post on Deans Designs for all the links.

A Special well deserved Thank you to
Tracie Dean of Deans Designs
She organized this fun blog hop.
She is a wonderful talented person.
I hope you stop by and see her and send her many thanks.
Hugs hon your the best.
Thank you so much for stopping by
 supporting me and handmade.
I hope you all win a wonderful prize
 if not here somewhere in the blog hop.
Wishing you all lots of luck.




Create With Heart, Love, Color and Bling





Krafty Max said...

OMG, you are wonderful!!! I will put you into mine too....THANK YOU!!! ~KM

Monja Blue said...

Thanks for a chance to win this lovely item! My favorite color is pink!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

work on the rafflecopter - my favorite colors are purple, blue & green. i love color. bright & vibrant ones. thank you for the chance to win. wish you a great week. take care. ( :

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

embarrassing comment from Valentine's Day - when i a kid - i would always share valentine's with everyone in my class - usually i the guy i like would never give me one in return. men??! so silly, huh?? ( :

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love this item ... so pretty & it is a heart - perfect for valentine's day ...

Kelly_Deal said...

Wonderful giveaway! My favorite color at the moment is purple!

Maddy Nupp McDonald said...

This is my favorite item! OK, not really, cuz I love them all!!! But I had to choose one :o) Thanks sweetie!!! xoxo

Maddy Nupp McDonald said...

This is my favorite item! OK, not really, cuz I love them all!!! But I had to choose one :o) Thanks sweetie!!! xoxo

Maddy Nupp McDonald said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracie Dean said...

Wow Kim!! Great Giveaway!
Thank you so much for participating!
You are always a great help!

Happy Crafting

kim Idalski said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. We have two more days to rack up the points. Be sure to stop back each day and do the simple ones. Make sure to comment to. Those really add up. Hugs to all and Happy Hopping. Kimberly

Tee said...

Thanks to Tracie for hosting this fun blog hop giveaway! I am glad to have found your blog for this special giveaway. Happy Valentines Day!
I am new to rafflecopter, but I did give it a go! Hugs,Tee

let it be said...

Great hop! My favourite is purple :)

Bobbi Ann said...

Hi, I just found you and I'm pleased to meet you! If it's not to late to enter in your lovely Giveaway please if you would be so kind to also enter my name. Thank you and I hope your Valentine 's Day was a wonderful one!
My favorite color is purple, lilac to be exact. Then next in line is pale pink.
Hugs and many blessings...
Bobbi Ann Cook

Soonergrl911` said...

Thank you!!!! I am so excited!!!! I received the email and jumped up and down!!! Thank you so much!!!

Soonergrl911` said...

Oh my gosh!!! thank you thank you thank you! I received my email and am super excited to go SHOPPING in your shop!!! big heart full of smiles thank you again!!!

kim Idalski said...

congrats Terry. Thank you so much for participating. hugs

Tommi Sparkman said...

Just letting you know I received an email telling me of my 4th place win in the Valentine Hop Blog Giveaway. I`m excited to have won and can't wait to see my prize. Thank you very much!

Krafty Max said...

OMG....I get to pick something..... OH MY.... YAAAAA HOOOOOO!! THANK YOU!!!! ~KM

Brian J Wood said...

Yippee! I got your congratulations email Kim and TYSM for the generous Purple Valentine discount coupon code. Activate my code! I like the Rafflecopter and hope you run another one soon.

kim Idalski said...

a few winners have not answered. They are winners of actual prizes. If you happen to know them please let them know. Trying to locate Tee Hall, Beth Edwards, Sarah Perry, Karen Mallory. Im very excited to share prizes. If they do not want the prize listed I am flexible and will share whatever they like within reason :).. If you received a discount of a % off. let me know if you would rather just have a gift. We can work something out. KImberly