Sunday, March 10, 2013

News Flash ~ Honored to be the New USA Distributor for the Magazine "From Polymer to Art"

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From Polymer To Art Magazine issue WIND 2013
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All New and Prior Issues
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2013 Issues of From Polymer To Art
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Watch soon in a few days there will be a large celebration blog giveaway over 20 companies have donated wonderful gifts and surprises. I will be having the giveaway to celebrate my new position with From Polymer To Art and the publication of WIND...So stop back soon and Win, win , WIN!!!
On 2/10/2013 I received a wonderful email from two beautiful ladies.
Not only are they amazing artist
They publish and share the amazing
Polymer Magazine
From Polymer To Art
They asked me to be their USA Magazine Distributor.
I of course said yes. I love love love this Magazine.
I have also been lucky enough to be published in it.
Pink of 2012 August
So from now until eternity I will be your supplier in the USA
you may pre-order your magazines for 2013
through me.
From Polymer to Art has Four amazing magazines coming
The magazines for 2013 are


2013, a new year, with 4 new issues of From Polymer To Art! For those who don't know this... It's a magazine, all about polymer clay, written in English, printed in Holland, “From Polymer To Art”. The magazine is an incredible success, heartily welcomed by the community and retailers.

This year you’ll be surprised with 4 new themes issues:
... 2013 will bring you thé four elements!!!

2013-1 WIND, expected APRIL 2013
2013-2 WATER, expected May-June
2013-3 EARTH, expected August-September
2013-4 FIRE, expected November-December

If you don’t want to miss any of these publications,
it’s time to purchase or renew your annual subscription.

Our digital adventure continues…
GOLD, nr 2012-4, as digital format is also available now!
For those that Pre-Order from me in the Usa
The new 2013 issues will be hot off the press
on these approximate dates.
They will get to you Fast via Usa Mail.

Nr 1-2013 WIND will be published February/March ‘13

Nr 2-2013 WATER will be published May/June ‘13
Nr 3-2013 EARTH  will be published August/September ‘13
Nr 4-2013 FIRE  will be published November/December ‘13


Through My Artfire Shop
A bonus in 2013
For people that purchase from me.
You will get an Artist signed copy of Each 2013 Issue
Not every artist. Sorry, Just me. I am honored and so excited to say that I will be in every issue of From Polymer to Art 2013.  I found out I would be in each issue just before they asked me to be the distributor and I'm truly excited and so very honored to be a part of the magazine again. I love creating with polymer and sharing my ideas with everyone that wants to learn. I love this magazine. Each issue truly inspires me with so many wonderful ideas from amazing artists all over the world and I truly adore these ladies that work so hard to put it together for us. I'm happy they trust in me to help them with their company and proud to be part of the magazine whether its to supply it to the wonderful clay lovers of the Usa or being lucky enough to be in the magazines. I hope you all stop by and pre order.
Pre orders will start NOW>>>>>
From Polymer to Art, Wind is available.
I will order the magazines they will come to me and I will sign each copy and mail them out to you the day I receive them. I promise to give you prompt very fast service. I strive for that in my business and will now put those same customer service values into my responsibility's as the USA distributor. You will get them fast. That I can promise.

For more information or if you have questions
for the lovely ladies at
From Polymer to art.
Please visit their site to purchase subscriptions from the Netherlands
I will be ordering monthly as I get orders in my shop. I will not place additional orders monthly unless I get at least 5 orders for new or past issues combined as shipping from the Netherlands is $30. The first pre-order for Wind will be ordered no matter how many issues. So be some of the first to receive it and order SOON.....
I will list pre order links later today on my Artfire and also attach them to this blog for links if you need to find them or they will be also available via Link through my facebook.  

I will have some issues of Pink Available and Gold to sell also.
I will see about getting back issues as soon as time permits.
But if your interested in an issue of pink or Gold???
It will be listed soon for purchase in my shop.
I will also sign my tutorial that Is in it.
I was honored to be published in this issue.
So you will get an artist signed issue when you purchase it from me.
Pink only. I am not in Gold.

Me in The PINK issue Aug 2013
Available soon for purchases Signed by me.



Thank you for all of your support in this new venture.
I know it will be a wonderful experience.
I have had the honor of working with these wonderful ladies in the past
and I look forward to our bright future together.
Hugs and Blessings to all. Happy Creating Everyone.

Create With Heart, Love, Color and Bling

Sunday, March 3, 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party ~ Soup Arrival

My Parter and I are in the 3rd Reveal 4/13
So watch for our finished Designs then.
Also the pinterest board
I believe there are approx. 500 participating.
Lots of gorgeous designs to be seen.
Now there is a Contest for all of us.
Its getting more exciting everyday.
There is a chance for ANYBODY to win, no matter your skill level or your soup's flavor.

My partner is Artist
Linda Kropp Of Linda's Art Barn

Linda's Designs
can be found at the links below

She like me teaches what she enjoys making,
works with polymer clay
She likes to mix it up and try other mediums.
I love that about her.
I enjoyed reading her blog
Looking at her work and enjoyed reading her emails
We were both happy that we enjoyed
Similar things, a perfect swap match.
Our emails back and forth were about things we like, things we don't like and things we cannot wear in metals. She said she doesn't do alot of online shopping so I was hoping to send her something she had not seen before. I have very limited access to stores. I wish I had a Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Like me she is in a somewhat rural area where we do not have a large access to supply stores. So like me she makes alot of her own beads and designs which I really like. 
 I was excited to see what she would send me.
February was a very busy month I felt bad that I could not send her bead soup right away, I have been ill and a few surgeries , but also had a great month of business opportunity's that I had to work on first. That will be announced later! Then my sister had heart problems so It seemed that bead soup was going to sit on the back burner for a few days. I tried several times to sit down and make something. I knew what I wanted but kept thinking , what if she doesn't like this or that. Then I remembered were supposed to create and not think about that. Its supposed to be a surprise. 
I let Linda Know that it would be a week or more before her soup would arrive. She was very excited and sent mine right away. I could tell she was excited as I had read her blog and she was so fun and waiting like a kid at Christmas. So I felt bad that It would be delayed. So I wanted to make sure it was something rare and unique.
We are first supposed to share a photo if we want of our bead soup but keep the colors and other things a secret. Here was my first peek at Linda's Soup.
Hmm. I was excited. Lots of shapes and I could tell bling. :)
I received hers about a week and a half ago. Wow, Wow is is beautiful. Very me as my second favorite color is blue zircon and the shades she send me in my soup match perfectly with Swarovski Blue Zircon.
I cant tell you how excited I was when I received the soup.
Got the camera out and took photos so I didn't miss anything.
Linda's Art Barn Bead Soup
Me taking the photo. Too excited to take it all the way out of the package. :)

Had to add a soup and bowl for fun. Everything is so beautiful.

I love every bead. Silver is my metal of choice. Love the clasp it is magnetic (we think alike) and has Swarovskis in it (Kimi loves bling). The focal is gorgeous it is one of my favoite tecniques in glass,  Dichrioc Glass and the colors just sparkle. Every bead is a matching shade I thought at first Emerald which made me laugh because I had thought of Emerald also (great minds think alike).

I love the seed bead beads she made. So tiny and delicate. Something I wish I could do. Seed beading is a talent I would love to learn but cannot because I shake terribly. So I was thrilled to see these delicate tiny treasures and have a great idea for them. Every bead in here I can see me using and wearing. Enough for so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. Crystals, pearlized beads they are sooo gorgeous. I could go on for hours. I'm very very pleased. Linda makes a good soup.
I'm so excited to get to work. I see a cha cha bracelet in my future :).

Hand painted Rose Bud Box by Linda.....
If you know me you know that I have roses everywhere in my home. Well you can look at my blog and tell. :)... My bathroom is painted with these little roses on it. When I designed my house everything is in pale green and roses. Shabby chic I love it. My bedroom has these little rose buds all over. Rose buds remind me of my sister in heaven. She loved roses like me and we both had a shirt that was pink with tiny little rosebuds on it. I love that shirt and when I see that pattern I think of her. So I love anything pink and anything with rosebuds. This box is a treasure that I will keep close and keep my jewelry in at my bedside. Its lovely I'm truly thankful to Linda for taking the extra time to make me something so truly lovely.
I'm so blessed to have such a talented and generous partner.
I will be working on creating the week of St Patty's day.
I hope these lovely shades will keep me from being pinched.

Almost Soup 
I thought to hard on this project.
Once I stopped thinking I was happy and had fun creating.
Linda likes bright cool colors so I knew I wanted to get pink in there somehow, one because its my favorite color and I thought emerald because its the color of the year. She likes silver and dragonflies so I knew I had to put one in there somewhere.  I started with that and was not happy. I did however create a gift for her in those shades.
My first attempt. Love the colors. Loved the pendant.
But it didn't have the bling and pretty possibility's that I wanted in soup.

This is a gift I made for Linda. A large tin with dragonflies and butterflies. I love both and wanted to put some of her soup in a tin. I love making tins as they have alot of uses when you bead and create. They make a nice accent for any gift.  The pendant is tear drop I created a ghost swirl cane and used Premo Fuchsia and Shade of Emeralds, Turquoise and Peacock pearl Premo clays. With genuine Blue Zircon Swarovski crystals.  I liked it for a gift and she does too. I'm so glad I continued on to try other things for the soup.

Kimi's Bead Soup
One evening I had energy, not sure where it came from but I thought I would go for it. Soup time. I knew I wanted polymer in there. Its my love and wanted to design at least the pendant in polymer. So I started going through my favorite bead stash and I had ordered stones from an artist that loves to treasure hunt. That's when I came across the Tear drop shaped Grass Green Pyrite in shades of black/greys/purple/pinks. Why it was called Green I don't know. I love making Faux gems so I got to work making a main stone that would resemble the genuine stones.
So I created a fun soup for her.
She has received her soup and now I can share.
After making the faux Pyrite I used some of the extra to make two lentils to match. I love the swirled lentils thought they would be pretty on a bracelet or key chain or something.

I hand sculpted 4 (there are only 3 in the photo since the 4th was mia drying).
they are 14-15mm round beads in the faux Grass Turquoise Pyrite with a one clay applique flower in purple or pink with tanzanite swarovski centers. They have a 5mm hole drilled large enough for beading. They can safely be drilled larger if needed. I buffed shined them and then added my favorite fimo glaze to them for durability.
Added in the soup. Lots of glass pearls in black. Several sizes of pink and purple crackled glass pearls. Some pretty round flat genuine amethyst beads I had in my favorite stash. They are really pretty and have lots of pretty details in them.

This is Faux polymer Grass Turquoise Pyrite. Again not sure why they call it turquoise I didn't find a stitch of turquoise in any of the stones. I just loved the shades of purples and pinks. My favorite colors so I knew that I would enjoy working with them. I sculpted the dragonfly and the flowers with the clay applique technique which is my favorite polymer technique. I love the tiny tiny bits of clay and how lovely they bring something together.
I liked the shape of this oval oblong base and it was silver plated so I knew it would be safe for Linda as she is sensitive to some metals. I added Genuine Swarovski Tanzanite chatons for accents.

I added in 5mm silver bead caps in case she wants to make fancy ends on all of her pearls I sent. If not she will find something someday to use them for. I use them on all my pearls I like the little touch of silver and filigree. In the soup is also Swarovski Tanznite ABx2 bag of bicone crystals for her to use if she wants to add some bling to match the centers of the flowers. Some jump rings twisted and oval for the Pendant loops. And to use for the ends to attach the clasp.

The clasp is unique it is a rose. White gold plated and I love them. They are my favorite clasp and I have never sold or shared one before. I found them along time ago and cannot find more. I love that they hold very well and are easy to put on. They link nicely onto any jump ring or beaded necklace of choice. I added in a made with love charm and some tiny little swirled 4mm round clay beads to match.

There are also two tear drops Genuine Grass Turquoise Pyrite beads. I thought the would make beautiful earrings or side accents on a necklace. I love tear drop shaped stones. I was excited to share my favorite stash with my partner. I added in ball end bead pins for the crystals to wrap them in matching metal. I wanted to be sure she had almost everything she may need to create.

Well there is my soup. I'm so excited to see what she makes with everything. I know it will look amazing as she makes amazing jewelry. Please be sure to keep watch for our finished jewelry. Which will be revealed at the last reveal date.
We are in the Third Reveal Group of the Swap.
Last but not least.
Sending lots of beaded and creative hugs to my partner Linda.
Enjoy your soup and I sure am going to enjoy mine.
Be sure to stop by and hop around and see all the gorgeous designs. There are three reveals. Click the photos below to find the blogs to follow.
Hugs and Thank you for supporting me and Handmade

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