Sunday, March 10, 2013

News Flash ~ Honored to be the New USA Distributor for the Magazine "From Polymer to Art"

Pre Order Wind NOW !!!
From Polymer To Art Magazine issue WIND 2013
Pre order through me.
Click either photo below to take you to the listings.


All New and Prior Issues
Now available in the USA
Via Pre-order
2013 Issues of From Polymer To Art
Where to buy them in the USA???


Watch soon in a few days there will be a large celebration blog giveaway over 20 companies have donated wonderful gifts and surprises. I will be having the giveaway to celebrate my new position with From Polymer To Art and the publication of WIND...So stop back soon and Win, win , WIN!!!
On 2/10/2013 I received a wonderful email from two beautiful ladies.
Not only are they amazing artist
They publish and share the amazing
Polymer Magazine
From Polymer To Art
They asked me to be their USA Magazine Distributor.
I of course said yes. I love love love this Magazine.
I have also been lucky enough to be published in it.
Pink of 2012 August
So from now until eternity I will be your supplier in the USA
you may pre-order your magazines for 2013
through me.
From Polymer to Art has Four amazing magazines coming
The magazines for 2013 are


2013, a new year, with 4 new issues of From Polymer To Art! For those who don't know this... It's a magazine, all about polymer clay, written in English, printed in Holland, “From Polymer To Art”. The magazine is an incredible success, heartily welcomed by the community and retailers.

This year you’ll be surprised with 4 new themes issues:
... 2013 will bring you thé four elements!!!

2013-1 WIND, expected APRIL 2013
2013-2 WATER, expected May-June
2013-3 EARTH, expected August-September
2013-4 FIRE, expected November-December

If you don’t want to miss any of these publications,
it’s time to purchase or renew your annual subscription.

Our digital adventure continues…
GOLD, nr 2012-4, as digital format is also available now!
For those that Pre-Order from me in the Usa
The new 2013 issues will be hot off the press
on these approximate dates.
They will get to you Fast via Usa Mail.

Nr 1-2013 WIND will be published February/March ‘13

Nr 2-2013 WATER will be published May/June ‘13
Nr 3-2013 EARTH  will be published August/September ‘13
Nr 4-2013 FIRE  will be published November/December ‘13


Through My Artfire Shop
A bonus in 2013
For people that purchase from me.
You will get an Artist signed copy of Each 2013 Issue
Not every artist. Sorry, Just me. I am honored and so excited to say that I will be in every issue of From Polymer to Art 2013.  I found out I would be in each issue just before they asked me to be the distributor and I'm truly excited and so very honored to be a part of the magazine again. I love creating with polymer and sharing my ideas with everyone that wants to learn. I love this magazine. Each issue truly inspires me with so many wonderful ideas from amazing artists all over the world and I truly adore these ladies that work so hard to put it together for us. I'm happy they trust in me to help them with their company and proud to be part of the magazine whether its to supply it to the wonderful clay lovers of the Usa or being lucky enough to be in the magazines. I hope you all stop by and pre order.
Pre orders will start NOW>>>>>
From Polymer to Art, Wind is available.
I will order the magazines they will come to me and I will sign each copy and mail them out to you the day I receive them. I promise to give you prompt very fast service. I strive for that in my business and will now put those same customer service values into my responsibility's as the USA distributor. You will get them fast. That I can promise.

For more information or if you have questions
for the lovely ladies at
From Polymer to art.
Please visit their site to purchase subscriptions from the Netherlands
I will be ordering monthly as I get orders in my shop. I will not place additional orders monthly unless I get at least 5 orders for new or past issues combined as shipping from the Netherlands is $30. The first pre-order for Wind will be ordered no matter how many issues. So be some of the first to receive it and order SOON.....
I will list pre order links later today on my Artfire and also attach them to this blog for links if you need to find them or they will be also available via Link through my facebook.  

I will have some issues of Pink Available and Gold to sell also.
I will see about getting back issues as soon as time permits.
But if your interested in an issue of pink or Gold???
It will be listed soon for purchase in my shop.
I will also sign my tutorial that Is in it.
I was honored to be published in this issue.
So you will get an artist signed issue when you purchase it from me.
Pink only. I am not in Gold.

Me in The PINK issue Aug 2013
Available soon for purchases Signed by me.



Thank you for all of your support in this new venture.
I know it will be a wonderful experience.
I have had the honor of working with these wonderful ladies in the past
and I look forward to our bright future together.
Hugs and Blessings to all. Happy Creating Everyone.

Create With Heart, Love, Color and Bling


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Wow, this will keep you busy, Kim. Hope everyone looking to buy this publication hooks up with you. Good luck, girl!

kathy stemke said...

Great magazine! I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.

Tonja Lenderman said...

Kim sweetie. No offense ever meant, as you well know by now :), but maybe you should ask if they want a signed copy. It would be the politically correct way to handle it. Maybe there are some people who wouldn't want writing on their magazine, even if it is your artist signature. HUG and congrats !! Tonja

kim Idalski said...

Hi Tonja. At checkout I always ask them if they want it signed or left as it comes from the Netherlands.. As some like them unsigned or are sending them to others as gifts. I should have put that above. Or I offer a fun little postcard signed instead. thanks hon, Kim