Friday, April 26, 2013

3rd Reveal Bead Soup Blog Party - Finished :)

I apologize my reveal was delayed due to health.
I finally was able to finish up the projects I started
All made from the beautiful Bead soup send to me by Linda.
Here is my Soup I received.
I had a cool set of black and teal lamp work beads that I had been saving for myself and when I received her soup I was so excited that they matched so It was finally time to create for me and make me sets that I can enjoy. 
I of course wanted to incorporate polymer so I added Premo Black Polymer Clay to the focal bead she sent me. Made a base and with the lamp work glass bead put the impressions of the leaves in the clay. Added a clay bail and edging. I decided to sculpt the same design that I found in my teal and black leaf beads to the whole front of the glass. It looks so beautiful in person. It just shimmers and I left the clay matte which I rarely do so this is a new and fun experiment for me. I love the pendant and knew I would wear it often so I didn't want to do much more to it.
To keep it simple.
I strung it on mesh string and added glass beads in the mesh to
finish off the necklace. I added a black premo polymer toggle clasp.

I wanted to stick with this color combo.
I love all the beads they were a Blue Zircon shade.
In this second necklace I used up almost every bead she sent me.
Silver ball beads, The Awesome silver clasp that is magnetic.
I love the clasp. Works great on this necklace and holds well.
I strung up the necklace with all of the glass teal beads she sent they are gorgeous shades of teal with white swirled in them.
I used all the pretty black and light turquoise Swarovski rondelle crystals she sent.
 Made some polymer Diamond shaped sculpted beads for the earring bases which are studs and also one for the dangle on the middle pendant dangle.
I wanted to use dangles with the beautiful oblong seed beads she made me. I love seed bead beads, hers were so beautiful and delicate I wanted to and did use them all up in this pendant. It fits me perfectly too and will match many articles of clothing I own.
I used up some of the pretty pearl shell beads that were all fun shapes in this piece also in between the crystals. There were so many abstract and fun beads in her soup.
I wanted two necklaces because of a recent clothing purchase I made I wanted to be able to change out this set. So I sculpted a polymer base out of Premo black clay. Used a Premo texture sheet with leaf accents in it which matched the lamp work glass beads I had. I sculpted every other impression in the leaf patter a leaf and left the others empty. It gave it a unique look. Then I dusted the base with Pearl Ex teal and black mica powders. Which made it shimmer.


Last Piece was just for fun while waiting for the pendants to bake I sculpted cut out a Premo clay black base to make a square bangle to match the pendant she sent me. I embedded several of the glass and shell beads into each side of the bracelet and in the polymer put the imprint of the beads from my glass ones and made the impressions of the leafs in the clay for accents. Then sculpted the details of my glass beads onto the bracelet. It turned out really cute. Very flexible too.

I only have a few beads left I think ten of the shell and a few silver beads. I will add those to the rest of the black and teal lamp work glass beads I have and make a cha cha bracelet when I feel better.
I hope you enjoyed my creations. I will post more as I finish the bracelet.
Thank you Linda for the wonderful soup.
I really enjoyed creating with Linda's beautiful beads and she inspired me to create a little out of the box as I normally work with pastels. I really love the way everything turned out and I bought two shirts that will match wonderful just so I can wear all the pieces. :). 

My wonderful partner is, I'm so excited to see her reveal.
            Linda Kropp

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Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Hope you are better soon, Kim... will try to come back Monday!

Hippie Chick Jewelry & Design said...

Hope you feel better soon. I will check back to see what beauties you create.

Linda K. said...

Just get better, Kimberly. The beads will always be there. I told you before that I love anticipation!

Christine Hansen said...

Kimberly - you put together some absolutely stunning pieces - the first necklace is perfect - the mesh cord with the beads in it was a brilliant strategy to keep the focus on that luscious focal! The second necklace is magnificent - a real showstopper! Wonderful work, and I can't wait to see that cha cha bracelet! Sending loads of love and light to help you feel better fast!

kim Idalski said...

Thank you Christine. I had sooo much fun. Couldn't have done it without all the gorgeous beads Linda sent me. She has fabulous taste so I was immediatly inspired. I'll try to get the cha cha bracelet done by tommorrow. I still have one more wrist to cover up when I'm wearing one of these fun necklaces. I'm thinking if a ring too :). Will see how many beads I have left.

kim Idalski said...

Thank you. I got a sudden burst of energy last night and today. Hopefully it will stay sunny and ill be inspired all week. Lots to catch up on and a huge giveaway soon here in my blog. Hope you stop back by. Thanks for always commenting. Means a lot to me. Hugs

Linda K. said...

So glad that you're feeling better, Kimberly. What an amazing job you did with your soup. I'm totally blown away with what you did to the dichroic glass pendant! That is incredibly creative. I'm crazy over the other focal piece you made and that box! Gorgeous!

kim Idalski said...

Thank you. I had so much fun with everything you sent. I loved the glass pendant and new i had to if course switch sonething up :) since im clay craxy. Lol. I tried to keep everything in that shape somewhat and was so inspired once I added the clay to the dichroic glass. Couldn't have done it without all the beautiful beads you sent me. Colors were amazing and every bead just as beautiful as the first one so I was smiling the whole time. Can't wait to wear it all. Thank you again for being such a lovely partner. I was honored to get your soup.

Just Beads said...

Gorgeous work! I love the clean design of all that pieces. And also I love the color range. I've done a great job. Congrats!

kim Idalski said...

Thank you. It was such a fun soup to create with. I still have more ideas i want to make from it. I forgot about hair accessories so I have some ideas in the works. :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful color palette, and your clay work accents it perfectly. Love the focal on the second necklace.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful color palette, and your clay work accents it perfectly. Love the focal on the second necklace.

PiPa said...

Your work is beautiful and so original, I love the second necklace most!

Sandra Young said...

Beautiful designs!!! I love teal. Everything is so unique - lovely.

Kepi said...

Lovely pieces, great job!

kim Idalski said...

Thank you. I love the colors she picked. I was able to wear the second necklace and earrings today. I'm a polymer nut. Had to add clay. Thanks for stopping by.

Christine said...

Your pieces are beautiful! I love that you were able to make pieces to go with the beads!!

kim Idalski said...

Thank you so much. Second necklace is my favorite too because I was able to use up all the gorgeous beads and the clasp. Its so comfy to wear.

kim Idalski said...

Thank you so much. :). I wanted to make it a little bit different. I had so much fun with Lindas soup.

kim Idalski said...

Thank you. Couldn't have done it without the incredible soup.

kim Idalski said...

Me too. I like when one tiny little bead can bring out so much inspiration. It was so fun watching it all come together. Thank you for your kind words. :)

Becky Pancake said...

WOW! All of your pieces are awesome.

Patricia Johnson said...

All your pieces are lovely. You pulled it off anyways. Hope your feeling better. :)

roomforchange said...

Love what you did with your soup. Very original!!

Nelly May said...

Definitely worth e wait. I love the way you've incorporated the pc. Works perfectlyand the pieces are so stylish.

min said...

the black bangle is definitely unique and cool..!

CraftyHope said...

Both of the jewelry sets you made are nice, but the simplicity of that first one really calls out to me. Oh, and your box is cool too. Nicely done!