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Czextruder in the USA - Demo and Review of XL version



Last week I received a few Czextruder's for Demo purposes and asked me to be the USA distributor. The owners and designers of Lucy Clay and Czextruder, Jiri Strunc and Lucy Struncova of Lucy Clay sent a few extra for others to Demo and those have been sent to other artists and they have arrived and will soon be posting their reviews.  I do have a small amount of CzeXtruders for sale, The XL version. I posted a list on facebook last week when I found out and have a short list of those that requested them first. Once those buyers purchase theirs I will post the remainder for sale, if there are any for sale at my Artfire shop. Don't be sad if you missed out on the first batch. There were a very small amount of the Demo version and there are more on the way for the rest of you. Below is a little of me creating with the extruder and a review at the bottom.

I am pleased with the Czextruder beyond words and I know you will be too.
Today I am doing a blog post and review on the XL Czxetruder and tomorrow I will post my review on the XXL CzXextruder. They are both amazing and are different in size. The XL is 10cm and the XXL is 18cm in length. More to come in the next few days and lots of fun blog posts. So keep stopping by to find out more about these amazing tools.

Very excited my first clay time with the new CzeXtruder from Lucy Clay. I only had a small area to create in because I was camping and the table was small. So I started out with the XL Purple version of the CzeXtruder (which is approximatly the same size as a mankins extruder). In the photos is a Purple XL extruder and three disks. They are numbered The magenta one is #, Yellow #, Teal is #. I love all the shapes you can create with.

Just a different view of my clay area. I was working on a marble 12x12 inch base. The top of the extruder has been removed and is in the upper Left corner. The extruder comes with two rubber O rings, one to use and a spare. I love the handle on the extruder. It turns very smooth and is very comfortable in my hand. I like the purple part of the exturder it is smooth. Which is one benefit. I don't have marks on my hand after using it. I found with the mankins my hand was almost rubbed raw after using the Mankins. The Czextruder is smooth and easy to grasp onto. It does not slide out of your hand and is lightweight.

LCDisk are made of stainless steel, thicknes 0,8mm which is almost 3 times more robust than other competitors (other disc companys use only 0,3mm) so Lucy Clay LCDisk are 3 times more robust and will not bend.  For some special patterns this is crucial to keep flatness and to extrude a perfect design. So this is a great feature with the disks. These disks will also fit in any extruder.
Disks for the extruder are removable and after use you can put them in the container. I did use a metal nail file to file down the little metal sides that connects each disk to the large disk. It only takes a second to file down the little nubs and they are smooth and fit easily into the extruder. Then stay in place nicely in the container after each use.  I also liked that the disks are thicker than others on the market. More sturdy and will last longer.

Recently many have been discussing the "Swanwalk cane by artist Louise Smith", she has a free tutorial on her flickr site In a group on facebook there was discussion on confusion on how to get the effect so I thought it would be fun to experiment, I am not sure if I did it right or wrong but it was fun and turned out pretty. Next time I will use a different base cane.

Please note: I do have Louise Smiths permission to post tutorial and any photos of it that I use. :). Thank you Louise for this amazing technique.

I used a 1 inch end of a old cane for the end and reduced it to the size of the extruder. Added a similar size section of Premo Accents Magenta Pearl and Premo Candy pink mixture to the center of the cane. Then added White Premo to the outside. Above is the cane reduced and ready to go in the extruder. Not really sure what shape she used I decided square would work best.

This is the way I put the clay in the extruder.

I added a black O ring then the square disk from the Disk Set #2 from Lucy Clay and loved that they fit nicely. No overlap of clay. The disks are stronger and a bit thicker than other disks for extruders. I was pleased with that as there is no bending and they are very strong they will last a lifetime of clay extrusion. Also the metal end caps on both ends easily screwed into place without sticking and you didn't have to tighten it so tight to keep it on. I also was pleased that after taking it on and off 30 times (yes I tried it 30 times) it went on just as smooth each time. It did not strip out like other extruders I have used in the past. It also came off easily and did not get stuck.  Unlike other extruders I didn't have to have my husband unscrew the cap to use it again. I was happy that this product I could use without assistance since I am handicapped.

Very pleased with how easily the clay came out. Barely had to twist the handle and it came out wonderful. Notice not alot of breakage in the square??? Other extruders you tend to see alot of cracks in each extrusion. Not with this one. Came out beautiful like a perfect square snake cane.

You can still see the whole cane. No cracks. Also remember I'm camping not in good conditions and still great texture and perfect extrusion. I was so pleased. I couldn't stop.

I made a second one just to be sure. Without even cleaning the extruder, the second square extruded cane came out prefect the second time.

Here is the Front the white that came out first on the left, the end of the cane on the right.

I cut the snakes starting with white on the right in inch size lengths. Since it is not my tutorial and originates by another artist I did not post all steps as it is not my place nor is it proper. To view the tutorial please go to her beautiful flickr page You will see her tutorial and tips and beautiful finished products.

I am not sure if this is correct nor am I posting all views of the tutorial because the design is the other artists. Just posting my finished photos. To show how lovely the extruder works and for fun. Please be sure to stop by the original artists site and see her beautiful designs.

I stacked three at a time. Top to bottom from left to right. Keeping the slices in order. I made two canes identical.



I wanted a bit more white added so I cut a 1 inch block of white to add to the top and little larger one to the top of each cane.

Not reduced yet. I wanted to wait until I was home to reduce white clay :). A rustic campground isn't the best place for a white reduction.

I was impressed at how little clay was left in the extruder after the clay was extruded out. I used a baby wipe to clean off the yellow disk and black O ring. The second time I just used my finger and it cleaned off easily. Jiri sent me a cleaning tool for the extruder. I love the tool and will soon have them for sale in my shop via Lucy Clay.
Cleaning brush sent to me from Lucy Clay.
It worked amazing.
I was thrilled. This went through the extruder twice and there was nothing in the extruder. Clean just like new.

This impressed me. I usually have a major cleanup after using most extruders. This is the exact view after one swipe with the cleaning brush. I ran it through the second time just to be sure nothing was on the brush and it was clean.

Un edited photo. Extremely clean with just one swipe of the cleaning brush and nothing left in the extruder. No more cleaning for an hour to get all the clay out. I was thrilled. Bring on the  next extruder project. I will be working this week on my publication of Fire , From Polymer to Art and it will be a surprise but will be using the XXL extruder so I am excited to get started.

Tip: If your clay is sticky I have in the past used powder, a light dusting of baby powder tapped in the extruder barrel before adding the clay and clay does not stick to the sides. I did try this with the Czextruder and it worked well also but was not needed. It was cleaned easily with the cleaning brush tool. This does leave a light dusting of powder on your clay but easily comes off after it is baked with water.

Home on 8/24/2013 930pm and of course my camera's battery's were dead. So My phone took a photo of the reduced slices of the Swanwalk cane. I sliced a 5mm layer of white and then layed the cane that was sliced 2mm thick and put thru the atlas on a #1, Once I had the slice on the base I then put the piece of clay through my Atlas machine on a #3 thickness for the finished version. Once I had the design I liked I cut with my flexible blade into a shape that resembles a long oval of sorts. Added some holes for future earrings and necklace to be added. It is very pretty. Will share a photo when it comes out of the oven.



My Review of the XL CZEXTRUDER .

1. Cleans easily.

2. Handle turns easily with and without clay in the extruder. With very little effort. Very smooth. If it doesn't want to turn you have to just turn the handle lightly in reverse to let some of the pressure that the plunger inside pushes. Once some of the air is out it moves freely and very easily. Smooth as silk.

3. Holds more clay in the extruder than other extruders of this size.

4. Extrudes clay without any cracks in the clay. I used an old cane, Premo well mixed pink clay and White premo out of the package un conditioned. They all extruded prefect. NO bubbles, No cracks.

5. Both metal end caps of the extruder are removed easily. They do not strip out after excessive removal of the end caps. They turn easily and stay on nicely. All parts fit very well.

6. The inside mechanics that press the clay through are very smooth. The plunger mechanism inside is easily removed and cleaned if necessary with a baby wipe or your finger. Clay does not stick to the plunger inside as it does with other extruders I have used.

7. Handle is very easy to use. Smooth to turn and easy to attach and remove.  I am disabled and have very little hand strength. This extruder was easy to use. Smooth. Very easy to turn the handle. I did not have to hurt my hand or strain to get the clay out. It came out very smooth. (I was impressed because the old cane that I had in this tutorial was over 3 years old and went through like it was new clay). I was able to extrude clay for hours without any problem. Usually I am in pain and have to use wrist braces to extrude with other brands. Also I usually have indentions on my hands from the extruder itself and the rough textures on it.

8. The handle has a soft metal texture and it does not slide constantly back and forth like other extruders. You can move it to the position you like it in and it stays there. It is easily moved but secures very well.

9. the handle easily removes and the end of the extruder has a proper size bit to where you can put it right on your drill and use easily with a drill without stripping your extruder. I have not tried it yet but did put it on my drill and it fit perfectly. I will do a demo with this soon. I did not have it with me when I was camping but tried it to see if it fit when I arrived home. More demos to come.

10. Overall this is a very high quality extruder. You can tell as soon as you put it in your hand that the quality by far outweighs other extruders on the market. I have purchased all extruders out there that are for polymer and have returned two and have had three break. I was not gentle with this extruder and every time I put clay in it, it extruded like it was brand new. No cracks in the clay. Even if I did not put soft clay in the extruder it came out looking uncracked.

11. Yes I am going to start selling these extruders.  I did not formally agree to sell until I was able to try the extruder and see how it worked. Jiri and Lucy wanted me to try it before I decided. I am very pleased to say. YES. I love love it and I cant wait to get more clay out and start extruding. I cant wait to start selling them so others can create and enjoy extruding their clay.  I am so impressed with the quality, the packaging. The time and effort they put into the design. I don't want to give away all the secrets of the inside mechanisms but they are better and very impressive. You can tell a engineer put this together and the smooth workings of the inside of the extruder are wonderful.

I'm so pleased and very honored to now be the USA distributor of the Czextruder and products by Lucy Clay. I will be selling the extruders through my Artfire shop. I only received a few with this shipment as it was a demo shipment to see how I would like the product and Jiri and Lucie wanted an honest review of the products before committing to selling. I am so pleased to say I would happily stand behind this product and cant wait to share it with USA clay artists. I also think this will be great for cake designers and chefs. We will be doing some fun things with that soon. So be sure to watch my blog for many fun reviews and free tutorials and demos. Lets start extruding everyone. This amazing tool is a dream. 

A few other artists were sent demos of the XXL extruder to create with and do a review. I will share their reviews as I receive them. I know they will be as pleased as I am.
So stop by to hear more about this great new polymer tool.
Plus over the next few months there will be other amazing tools available to the USA via Lucy Clay. I am excited to be able to bring them to you through my shop. Very honored to be part of the Lucy Clay distribution family.

I have only a few of the XL Demo version of the Czextruder for sale. There is a waiting list on them. If the artists on the waiting list do not want the extruders they will be listed for sale.  Each disk sells separately for $8.00 USA each and shipping will be $5.90 which is priority in a bubble wrapper envelope that it fits in properly and ships safely with the disks and or any of the other tools that will be coming to my shop soon via Lucy Clay.
I will be taking pre-orders for a second shipment that will be coming in a few days. I have a long list of people that want the extruders so please if your interested in an XXL email me at and I will send you a price list for your area and all of the information including photos of the extruders from the next batch. Please let me know to put you on the list for the XL or XXL extruder. I will also be getting the cleaning brushes, A Vise and more disks. If you want the cleaning brush, The Vise and or more disks please let me know in the email. I want to be sure I have Jiri and Lucie send me everything you all want. I will have this order hopefully the first week of September. If not I will ship out new orders from the pre-order on the 21st of September. As I will be in Florida From Sept 5 to Sept 20 taking clay classes from Christi Friesen and meeting new friends.
To buy or pre-order the extruders please visit my Artfire shop. If you don't see what your looking for email me either on Artfire or at I will happily answer all questions. If I don't have the answer I will ask Jiri and get right back to you.

Thank you to all for your support and I hope you fall in love with this amazing new tool like I have. I think you will as soon as you try it.

Happy Creating


Create with Heart, Love, Color and Bling

Created with the XXL version

Blog post to be posted tomorrow with a review and another tutorial. Stop by and sign up to get your CzeXtruder.


This was my second creation I made by using the XL Czextruder. I bought this beautiful cabochon from Silvermoonlyn, I love her glass cabochons. This one I extruded small circles of clay, twisted some and made a bail, added some tiny Swarovski crystals in tanzanite and its all ready to wear. I love it and the extruder made it so easy to make. I am in love with the extruder. Will be working with the XXL tomorrow and making some larger canes and projects.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the XXL demo and review. A lot of great tips and this product is amazing. Very happy and off to clay.








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Christi Friesen ~ Where Tampa, Florida September 8 & 9, 2013

"A Day of Dragons"

I love making dragons - I know you will too. Join us for a day of fun and learning as we create dragons using many different techniques including resin and metal coatings, beaded accents and more!

Sat. Sept. 7, 2013

Full-day workshop

All skill levels welcome! All materials supplied.

for more info and signups, contact Sammie:
"Captured Curiosities"

Sun. Sept. 8, 2013

half-day workshop, morning

All skill levels welcome! All materials provided!

Join us for 3 hours of fun and learning. We will create with polymer clay, then use resin to create the look of water. This is one of my favorite classes to teach!

for more info and signups, contact Sammie:

"Spectacular Stained Glass" pendants

Sun. Sept. 8, 2013

half-day workshop, afternoon

All skill levels welcome! All materials provided!

This class is easy and exciting - we will create a stained glass look using polymer clay to make pendants and hanging pieces. Join in the fun!

for more info and signups, contact Sammie:
If you have not heard or Christi Friesen you will love love her work and from what I hear her classes are fun and amazing.
Here are all of Christi's Links. 


    Giveaway Supporters (Donates)
    Thank you to my generous supporters that donated to this giveaway. Please be sure to stop by their links and say thank you.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway


    2 Viking Knit Kits donated by
    3 goodie bags Donated by Christi Friesen at CFORIGINALS

    2 mini Cutters doated by Polyform Products
    1 new 2013 sample pack of Premo Clay
    Donated by Polyform Products


     Feeling Blessed to have amazing Friends.
    Thank you so much Jenny for all you do.

    My dear Friend Valerie Cook introduced me to Jenny from As The Bead Turns and as most in this day and age. Facebook friends become amazing friends. I have been blessed to have met many through my business. Valerie and Jenny are two amazing ladies.

    I was so shocked several months back when Jenny sent me the above photo's contents. A sweet letter congratulating me on being published in From Polymer to Art and a few other fun things. She sent me a free day class to attend Christi Friesens classes in Florida. That is one way to get me there. How can I say no. Woo Hoo. I booked my trip this week 8/10/2013 flight booked and I am so thrilled to get there and spend time with everyone. And most of all clay with many amazing artists, Valerie Cook, Jenny aka Sere Pink of As The Bead Turns, Christi Friesen and a dear friend Maddy Nupp Macdonald of Chibitude.  I am truly honored to be going.

    Three ladies, Valerie Cook, Sammie and Jenny have formed a group to bring amazing artists to Tampa Florida to teach us. I feel so privlaged to be going. To find out more about this group contact, Jenny aka Sere Pink @ As the Bead Turns on Facebook, Sammie or Valerie Brooks. If I missed someone in the group I apologize. They have already had Maggie Magoo come and teach in the past.  This is a great group of lady's that will be hosting and its going to be sooo much fun.

    I was so thrilled to be given the class and I was so excited to share about the class. Hope to see many of you there...

    Be sure to play along and do all the mandatory parts to the giveaway to win. Share and get more points. Lots of great goodies. I may add more too. Will see how many we have join in. The more people that play to win the more prizes I will add.
    As always thank you for stopping by and for your support. Will be having a few more giveaway's this week so keep stopping by.
    Hugs and Create Happy