Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day 2013 (Giveaway)

Giveaway Winners.
1st Place  Marci Koziolek
2nd Place Angela Mullis
3rd Place Patti aka @leblancpatti
I will be contacting you all soon Via Email for your prizes.

Sending Many thanks to those that have made and make the sacrifice to keep our country Free. Our Freedom could not be celebrated year after year without the amazing men and women that have, are currently fighting and or lost their lives fighting to keep our country Independent. I feel blessed to live in this amazing country that allows us the privilege of freedom.  At times we all take that for granted but I am taking the time today to say Thank You to those that have made today Independence day. I send them and their loved ones that are also part of that sacrifice a very Big Thank You and blessings. I hope you all enjoy your day and celebrate safely.

 I was honored this year by Polyform Products.  They published one of my polymer tutorials and it also is a celebration of the 4th of July. To find this tutorial visit their website that is full of amazing tutorials by artists all over the world.  Polyform Products is one of the most generous companies I have ever worked with.  They treat artists like no other. With support of their work, clay at many retreats and classes and they support blogger's that enjoy their products without anything in return but a thank you. 
I say THANK YOU to Polyform Products for making My 4th of July this year an amazing one.  You at Polyform know why and I will be sharing all of my new creative products and tutorials soon on my blog with goodies provided by this amazing company. Loving a product since the first time I touched it was easy and sharing your love for it really was even easier. I always get teased about me talking about Polyform Products (Premo and SculpeyIII clays and tools) that I sound like a commercial. Well I did it and do it because this product truly has saved me. Before I started creating I was bed ridden for years with pain and illness and once I started creating with Polymer clay I found something that I could channel my pain into. I was in a different state of mind. For me premo clay is therapy and I feel blessed that I found something I love and enjoy getting others to create and love it as well. Loving and sharing the love does pay off. I feel blessed. Happy Claying and Keep on creating the good things Polyform. We appreciate you. 

Want to find out more about Polyform Products???
They have an amazing blog. It lists all their products/tutorials/blog by a design team/inspiration/monthly contests and much more. Fun for any artist in any medium because Polymer works with almost everything.
To buy their products there are many amazing places I purchase mine from either
But if you look locally at your craft stores many carry Premo and Sculpey III and their tools/textures/glosses/bake and bond/liquid clay.  Or if you shop online go to google and search for premo clay or sculpey III clay in your area many places carry it.
No this is not a paid post. I truly support this product and would stand behind it everyday. Its quality clay that anyone can use, young or old you will fall in love with it. Just like I did.  So pick up a little block of clay and play you will thank me and Polyform.
 I am off to enjoy the holiday.
I will be on vacation until the 8th of July.
I have my shops on vacation but items can be ordered on my Artfire
and I will create and or ship your order for From Polymer to Art Magazines when I return from my holiday on the 8th.
I send you blessings and hugs.
Happy 4th of July from me to you.
Surprise Random Giveaway.
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