Friday, July 12, 2013

Rose Gold ~ Polyform Products ~ July Make-It-Your-Own Challenge

And the Winners are Maddy Nupp Macdonald and Pam D'Andrea congratulations Ladies. So excited you both won and thank you for your support.
This Month July 2013 Polyform Products Challenge
Rose Gold Polymer Clay ~ Create your design & Rose Gold Mixture
The challenge is posted on their Facebook Page
There is still plenty of time to join in and create your own design of polymer Rose Gold.
As a child my parents took my sister Lori and I on a trip to North and South Dakota. Beautiful states. Scenery was amazing.
We were lucky enough to see the actual pieces of black hills gold jewelry created and my parents bought me rings. I thought I was so cool because one of the rings had a diamond in it :). I still have the jewelry and when I saw that the contest this month was rose gold I immediately thought Black hills gold.
Black hills gold is all colors of gold together. Rose Gold, 18 K Gold, Green Gold, Now they even use White Gold. They didn't when I was a kid. I think its beautiful. I love the roses, leafs and the birds. For this project I stuck to the bird, ribbons and leaves.
Hope you enjoy it.
Part of the challenge was to create your own mix of Rose gold. The photos online of Black Hills Gold are whited out badly so its a hard comparison because they are so bright. Its hard to see the actual Rose gold color good,  but I love the color. I made several mixes, But when I made the last one I loved it,  held it up to my Black Hills Gold Jewelry and it matched great.
My Colors I used are Premo 18 K gold for the 18 K gold
Rose Gold Mixture ~ 1 & 1/2 18 K Gold Premo & 2 parts Retired Premo Magenta Pearl
Green Gold Mixture Equal Parts ~ 2 parts Bright Green Pearl Premo & 1 part 18 K Gold Premo
After creating the first few pieces I couldn't stop and had to create a full set. I was talking to my bestie Valerie Cook and she has Black Hills gold from when she was younger too. We have so much in common. I made her a pretty pendant and a pony tail holder to match because she loves wearing her hair in pony tails. Turned out so cute.

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