Sunday, July 28, 2013

Polyform Products July Make it Your Own ~ Rose Gold ~ Second Entry

Mini tutorial:
Rose Gold and Black Pearl Bangle
Flexible Clay blade
Sculpey Ball stylist
Pasta machine
Bracelet blank
Premo clays :
Premo Magenta Pearl Accents ~ Retired
Premo Black
Premo Accents Pearl
Premo Accents 18 K gold
Mixes of clay:
Black Pearl clay mixture?
1/2 block Premo black
1/4 block Premo Pearl Accents
Mix well, Make sure to mix the same way through the pasta machine gives it a better blend for the mica shift technique.
Rose Gold Mix???
1/4 pkg of Old magenta Pearl Premo accents
1/4 pkg of Premo Pearl
1/4 pkg of 18 Gold Premo accents
For the black accents I used:
New Sculpey Technique design blocks, Dot tool I used the one on the Bottom left to make the dotted mica shift technique on the black pearl designs on the bangle.
For the Rose Gold Mica shift technique I used the new texture sheets by Sculpey. Love them. I used the largest texture sheet from this texture package called landscape. It is a gorgeous Rose pattern sheet.

I added 2 mm of black clay to the base of the bracelet blank.
Then cut several slices of mica shift in the rose patterns.
Some thin slices of the mica shift accents from the rose pattern texture sheet and added thin areas of rose gold clay around the bracelet.
Between those layers I added the dotted mica shift I made from the black pearl accent clay.
To finish it off I cut a 8 inch 5mm wide piece of clay to cover each end of the bangle to hide any imperfections and finish the bracelet.
Added some matching little dots of clay with my ball stylist and baked it at 250 for an hour.

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