Friday, August 2, 2013

Experiments ~ An easy way to not loose your Second pair of eyes

My mom is always loosing her glasses as well as I am. Many months ago I started making her pins because she doesn't wear jewelry. My dad had had a heart attack and while sitting in the waiting room I was crafting. I made a twisted wire loop for one of her pins and added it to her pin for her that day. She has worn it many months almost a year I made the original in August of 2012 I like to make things and either I wear them, friends do or family to do test trials on things.  My mom gave me a few suggestions and this is my second time creating them. I forgot about this blog post as I have been sick. It has been sitting there unfinished because I wanted to add a short tutorial.
 This is my updated creation of my pin/pendant and eye glass holder. Fun and so many ways to wear it.
Hope you like it will have a short tutorial soon.

I Will be making a full set of jewelry for myself with this set. I love it and I plan to make it in many colors. And will be updating all of my moms pins with the new version as well. I have a few photos to update to add on how to add it to your pins you currently have. Watch for that tutorial soon.

So don't loose your glasses, create something pretty to wear them on. Fun and easy. Or email me and I will make you something in any color you love.

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Alice Stroppel is coming to Michigan to Teach at our Guild ~ Come join in and learn with us.

Very Excited Our Guilds Featured Instructor is
Alice Stroppel
I am so thrilled to learn from her.
She is coming to Michigan, Wayne County area
October 18, 19, 2013
Two days of amazing lessons.

Want to learn more?
Visit our Guild site
MDPAG Presents
Two One Day Workshops
With Alice Stroppel

October 19, 2013
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
October 20, 2013
11:00 am – 6:00 pm

First day of class:
You can also purchase her online tutorials via clicking these photos to her Etsy.

Pen & Ink On Polymer Clay - Day 1
Alice Stroppel
“But Alice, I can’t draw at all”. I’ve heard this so
many times and I’ll tell you the truth, you don’t have to
be able to draw a masterpiece to create something fun
and colorful and ready to wear in a day. I’ve developed
a few simple steps that will have you producing you
own fun and funky characters or just brightly colored
graphics in no time.
For those of you who already express yourself
with pen or brush, this is the perfect way to display
your artwork on little masterpieces of wearable art.
Not only will I walk you through all the steps in
this workshop, you’ll go home with at least one finish
item and the enthusiasm to make more.
This is a beginner class, experience with polymer
clay would be a plus but not a requirement. If time
allows, we’ll make both a bracelet and a pendant.
I’ll show you exactly how I cover my bracelet blanks, draw the designs, add color and finish
with a protective coating.
We’ll combine some simple pre-made canes with unusual stamp shapes to create fun and funky
face pendants. I’ll have the stamps from Barbara McGuire that you can use and you should bring your own
pre-made canes to add to the design. I used black and white canes on the pendant in the picture.
You’ll receive a free face pattern sheet as a hand out and a link to my Pen and Ink video.

Alice Stroppel
Canes and Contours
Day 2

I love the complicated and the simple, the complex yet
easy. I usually experiment until I find the fastest, easiest
way to construct my canes. On day 2 we’ll explore some
bright and bold easy canes that make giant statements.
I’ll even show you how to make my very cool dot... dot... dot
You’ll learn how to create this flat and fabulous
bracelet using my contouring method. We’ll spend some
time finishing the bracelet and I’ll share several things that have helped me
produce a more professional piece.
This is an intermediate class. You will need to condition your clay and choose your favorite
colors and white to create at least four Skinner blends ahead of time. Please use the full packages
(2oz) of both the white and the colored clay to make your Skinner blends. We will use each blend
to make several canes. I encourage you to bring lots of pre-made canes that compliment your
skinner blends.
I’ll demonstrate the Stroppel Cane using the scraps from the cane we’ll make. You can make
your own from your scraps and incorporate some in your designs.


To Find Alice Here are her links:


Well I hope to see some of you at the classes its going to be a lot of fun and lots of claying going on.
If you have any questions you can email
Susan Kaplan - Education Coordinator @ MDPAG
635 Oak Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009


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